Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Surgery supplies

I've had the phone call confirming they've got a bed for me, so it's definitely going ahead!  I've got to be there by 10am because my surgery isn't until 1.30pm.

Here are all the things I've bought ready for my jaw surgery.  I've included where I got them from.  When I've looked at other people's blogs it's always been difficult to know where to get these things from in the UK because most blogs are American, so I hope this will help any other UK jaw bloggers.

A beaker with two lids (from Lloyds Betterlife Healthcare - one with a small hole and one with a bigger hole for different types of liquids

 A coccyx cushion (from Lloyds Betterlife Healthcare again)- apparently this stops you getting back ache when you're sitting for long periods which I obviously will be when I'm sleeping upright.  I'm not sure if I'll actually use it, I think I might just find it annoying!

Complan - I got these from Superdrug but you can get them in supermarkets.  They're meal replacement milkshakes

Tissues, facewipes, lip balm, and cotton buds (all from Superdrug but obviously you can get these anywhere)

Children's toothbrush (Superdrug)

Baby spoons (from the 99p shop!  I'm a bit of cheapskate!)

Nasal decongestant (Sainsbury's) - hopefully this will help clear my bunged up bloody gungey nose

'Healthy water' (Holland and Barrett) - this is flavoured water with lots of vitamins in

Organix baby food pouches (again from the 99p shop but you can get them anywhere).  I don't know whether I'll actually resort to eating these...eww

Spirulina powder (Holland and Barrett) - this is the closest I could get to protein powder without spending £40 on a big tub of Maximuscle!  Apparently it's made of algae (lovely!) but it's 56% protein.  You mix a spoonful of it into food and drinks

Arnica gel (Holland and Barrett) - helps reduce swelling and bruising.

I didn't actually buy these, my sister gave them to me.  I think the neck cushion will come in useful. 

A 'bed wedge' (from Amazon) to help me sleep upright

I was thinking that when I can lay back a bit more I can have it this way round... 

I've also got painkillers (paracetamol, ibuprofen) and some anti-nausea tablets.  The hospital said they will give me some liquid paracetamol, some antibiotics and mouthwash.  

And I've got lots of soft foods, like yoghurt, jelly, custard, smoothies etc.

I'll post again later with my final before pictures!


  1. Good luck!!! I will be thinking about you tomorrow:)

  2. Good luck! Make sure you have ice packs!

  3. Thank you! Can't believe it's actually happening! I've got an ice gel pack thing, but my mum's going to try and get me some more before I get back from the hospital.