Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Day 13

Today I went to the hospital, but it seems I went there on student training day, which was rather disappointing.  My ortho wasn't even there, and I got seen by a student orthodontist!  I felt like saying 'No offence, but this really isn't the time to have a student doing my appointments!'  All she did was look in my mouth, she didn't even take my bands off, and say it all looks good and to just carry on with what I'm doing with my bands.  I'm not 100% convinced that if I'd seen my ortho she would've said the same thing, I think she would've at least adjusted the wires or bands or something, so it kind of felt like a waste of time.

I had to get an x-ray done as well, and yet again I had the pleasure of a student learning how to do an x-ray on me.  The woman teaching her wasn't much better, it took them about 10 minutes just to get me in the right position.

So my appointment felt like a bit of a waste of time, and I just hope that this isn't going to set me back as I'm moving away for a new job in a few weeks so I won't be able to keep coming back so frequently for appointments.

Today I made the mistake of lying my head back without thinking.  When I pulled my head back up, I had the strangest feeling in my top jaw.  It wasn't painful, it just felt like loads of pressure pushing down on my top jaw and I was worried that I'd put something out of place.  Then when I was on the chair at the ortho, when they put the chair back up I pulled my head up as I sat up and the same thing happened!  You'd think I would've learnt from the first time but apparently not!  Anyway, I had my x-ray after that so if I have done any damage then hopefully it will be picked up on that!

Here are my Day 13 pics, I feel like I could just about pass for normal looking to people who don't know me and might just think I have a fat face lol.  Today was the first day I've put any make-up on... it was only mascara but it's the first step!

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  1. Wow! Looking great Sarah! I cannot wait to reach my two week mark. You can definitely pass as normal. So you can't smile yet at day 13? OH Man! I really really hope by three weeks we can smile normally again.