Friday, 26 October 2012

Day 15

I wish this last bit of swelling would go down!  It just seems to stay the same everyday now :(  I feel like a chipmunk.

I think I'm getting more feeling back in my mouth now.  When I eat cold food I can feel it on the roof of my mouth, and when I'm cleaning my teeth and I rinse my mouth with water or mouthwash it feels so cold on the inside of my bottom lip, it's like I've got ice in my mouth.

Anyway, here are Day 15 pics...


  1. Thats awesome that you have feeling coming back.
    The lower half of my face inside and outside my mouth is totally numb.
    I hear you with the swelling just staying the same. I don't see many changes day to day now but my surgeon said after the first two weeks it slows down a lot and by the 2 month point you see a big change.
    Hope you're doing well :)

    1. Yeah the swelling is sooo annoying! 2 months?! That's ages away! I just feel like such a fat face! Hope you're doing well too