Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Last post!

I can't believe that tomorrow the day I've been waiting 2 years and 8 months for will be here.  It was in February 2010 that I first thought about going down the jaw surgery route, and now hear I am the night before the big day.

Still not feeling too nervous amazingly... I kind of feel a bit sad if anything, like it's the end of an era.  The end of the era with this face!

I've just tried to take some final 'before' photos, but they've all come out a bit blurry.  I'll post some now but I'm going to try to do some more in the morning (i.e. persuade my mum to spend another half an hour taking photos), but obviously I won't be able to post them until I get home from the hospital.  I don't know if it's because I've got a bit of a cold, but God knows what's going on with my eye, it looks really gammy!

I was worried that I'd take 'before' photos and they'd look ok and I'd have a last minute panic and think 'Why am I doing this, I look fine?!', but they definitely hasn't happened!  I think I look horrendous, which at the moment I'm really pleased about because it gives me that last bit of reassurance than I'm doing the right thing.

I don't have the internet on my phone or anything so I won't be able to post anything until I'm home.  Thank you all for all your support and advice over the past 2 years.  Seeing other people go through this tough but amazing journey has inspired me to stick with it, be patient and be brave enough to put myself through this.

So thank you to everyone that has shared their jaw surgery stories, and good luck to those who have their surgery soon.  Good luck Amanda!  We will be big fat faced jaw buddies together!  Look forward to catching up with you when we're both 'on the other side'!

So here's some pictures of my old face.  Goodbye face...


  1. Sarah, you are such a bright and lovely person I am so excited for you! As someone with a gummy smile I know how much you want it gone, you will be so happy! Take it easy on yourself, everything will go great and please update. If you need to talk/rant please message me!

  2. Sarah, I'll be praying that all goes well!!

  3. Best wishes for your surgery and for a quick recovery! I look forward to seeing your results!

  4. Your result is going to be so great. I'm so excited for you! Good luck!

  5. Good luck! You're going to look amazing!

  6. Sarah!! Good luck! I am going in for my surgery next Wednesday. I would love to hear updates as to how you are doing before Tuesday. Getting a bit nervous... My surgery is for my overbite and gummy smile:)

  7. Just came across your blog and it has been very helpful. I see that you just had your surgery yesterday I hope you are doing okay now and that your first day hasn't been too bad. I will definitely be following your blog and seeing your recovery process. You are in my thoughts, sending positivity your way!

  8. Hope ur doing ok! Thinkin of u!