Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Day 19

Day 19 was yesterday but I didn't get a chance to post.  I'm probably going to be a bit behind with my posts as my dad is visiting for a few days, but I will make sure I take photos everyday, I might just be a bit late posting them!

I was meant to see my friend on Monday night but we ended up rescheduling to tonight so I will have to wait until then to get her reaction.  I've told her I've got a face fit for Halloween already!

I did however see some family friends yesterday.  I felt a bit nervous about them seeing my face because they haven't really known much about my surgery, but it turns out their reaction was... nothing!  All they said was that I didn't look very swollen!  When my mum asked them if they thought I looked different they did say yes, but I just expected more of a reaction.  To me I think I look different enough for people to notice.  Maybe they were just expecting me to look different so didn't comment on it.  I think the other thing is that people who haven't known much about it don't realise that I wanted to look different, so I think they might think it's more polite to not mention it?  I'm not sure!

I put make-up on for the first time yesterday.  It felt odd trying to put foundation on my chubby cheeks!  But it felt good to have make-up on and feel slightly attractive!   Even though my mum's seen me everyday since my op, she thought I looked really different last night when I was wearing normal clothes (not my usual jogging bottoms and hoody!) and had make-up on and my hair done and everything.  And nobody looked at me strangely (not that I noticed anyway) so I don't think I look too weird now, just like I've got a bit of a fat face!

As I've said before, I always feel like I look worse in photos than I do when I look in the mirror, so I've attempted to upload a video of my face from different angles.  I'll be amazed if this actually works!  Sorry it's so dark!


  1. You look amazing!! I agree that your family friends didn't want to say too much, not knowing if you "want" to look different. I know what you mean about looking different than pics. I actually look more swollen in real life than in pics.

  2. Wow, Sarah, you look great! I like to put a tad bit of make up on now every so often because it helps me feel better going about my day.