Friday, 19 October 2012

Day 8

I laid back a little bit more to sleep last night and it was definitely an improvement.  I could tell I slept better because I was having proper dreams, not weird half-asleep half-awake dreams that I have when I'm not sleeping well, and I didn't wake up as much.

Today was my first day at home without my mum as she had to go back to work, but I coped fine.  My sister and nephew came round to keep me company so that was nice.  I've got my grandparents coming round tomorrow... Like most old people they can be a bit blunt so I'm bracing myself for their comments!

I forgot to say in my last post that when I went to the hospital there was a big poster on the wall in the waiting room of a summary of a study done by several people including my surgeon.  It was a study to see how many jaw surgery patients still had numbness 1 year after surgery.  Out of 72 people, they found that after a year, only 6% actually did have numbness, but 27% thought that they had numbness.  Interesting and reassuring I thought!

I'm getting impatient for my swelling to go down now.  Thanks to advice from Tiff I have started using a heat pack on my face to try and reduce the swelling.  Even if it doesn't reduce the swelling it definitely feels nice!

Here are my Day 8 pictures:

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  1. The heat back DOES feel so nice! The swelling does look like its going down. It is going to be slower, but will go down!