Sunday, 28 October 2012

Day 17

I've realised that the reason I'm so impatient for my swelling to go down is because I'm worried that I won't like what's underneath, so I want to be able to see it now to reassure myself!  I suppose I feel like I look a bit odd when I smile, and I'm worried that it's not because of the swelling and that this is just my new face and I'll look odd forever!  I know I'm probably just being silly, and if I was reading somebody else saying this I'd be like 'Don't be silly, it's only been a couple of weeks since your surgery', but sometimes it just suddenly hits me that this new face is forever and I think 'What if I don't like what's lurking beneath my chipmunk cheeks?!'

Last night I had a dream that I went out with people I used to go to uni with, and after a while I realised that none of them had even noticed that I looked different, and I was a little disappointed!  I haven't really seen many people yet so I'm excited (and a bit worried) to get their reactions!  I'm seeing a friend tomorrow so it will be interesting to see what her reaction is!

Today I've had a few aches and pains which is unusual.  Earlier when I touched a certain place on my right cheek I got a pain going along my cheek bone to my TMJ, but it seems to have gone now.  And I had a weird feeling sort of in a muscle at the back of my mouth (it's hard to explain) when I was rinsing with water. And my bottom teeth have been really tender.  I've had to keep checking that I've put my bands on right because it feels like it's pulling more strongly than normal, and like my top teeth are pushing down too hard on my bottom teeth at the front.

Also I've gone back to putting ice on my face mainly just because I'm desperate to try and reduce the swelling.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings, here are my Day 17 pics.  For once in my life I like my face more from the side than from the front.


  1. Hey Sarah,
    I can completely 100% relate to your concern. I am impatient for the swelling to go down because I need to see the final outcome of whether or not I like it. Right now my bite isn't perfect and I have a space in the front of my bite. I am so worried how bad this will look. However, I am told this is something that now is going to be fixed by my orthodontist. Hate the waiting game and I'm only at day 10.

    1. It's so hard to be patient when the thing you're waiting to see is the face you've got to live with for the rest of your life! I've never seen anybody who looks worse after their surgery, so I don't know why I'm worrying, but it's still horrible waiting and waiting to know if you like how you're going to look. When you say you've got a space do you mean a space between your front teeth? If so, I've got this too and they said the ortho can fix it so I wouldn't worry too much about it.

  2. Sarah, you look really good! Your bruising seems to have faded and your swelling looks like its way down and is even. It will keep going down and will be gone before you know it.