Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Day 20

Had to reschedule with my friend again as her tyre burst so she couldn't get here, so I will have to wait in suspense for her reaction to my new face!  I'm seeing my dad tomorrow though, he lives quite far away from me so this is the first time he's gonna see me since surgery!  He was the person who was most negative about me having my surgery because he thought there was nothing wrong with me and that I didn't need it done, so we'll see what he says tomorrow!

My left side seems to have swelled up a bit more.  I keep waking up in the night and I'm lying with the side of my face kind of on the pillow, so I don't know if that's what's causing it.

I've got an orthodontist appointment tomorrow so hopefully she will tell me something positive!

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  1. It's funny when people ask why you are getting surgery, or say that there isn't anything wrong. I mean it's nice of them to say, but at the same time you think, really? if there wasn't something wrong do you think I would be putting myself through this? lol. You look really good for it only being 20 days post! Good luck at the ortho!!