Monday, 6 May 2013

28 weeks - 7 months post-op

Hi all, just posting my monthly update.  Not much has really changed jaw wise.  I had a hospital appointment on Thursday, and my ortho just did some usual adjustments.  My next appointment is on 5th June, and at that appointment they will decide whether or not I can have my braces off... I think the chances are they will say yes...I'll be very angry if they say no!  Assuming they say yes, then I'm meant to be having two appointments on the same day at the end of June.  The first one will be to take my braces off (YAAAAAY!) and the second will be to do the moulds for my retainers.  So at the moment I'm waiting to get my two appointment dates sent to me in the post.  And once I know when I'm getting my braces off, I need to book an appointment to see my surgeon too, just for a check-up.

I also had two fillings done the other day.  My dentist had a hard time trying to do the fillings with my stupid half open mouth, but she did a good job and it didn't take too long.  I've got to have another one in a couple of weeks, but I think she thought she'd put me through enough doing two in one sitting!

Here are my 7 month pics...luckily they're more attractive than my 6 month ones!