Monday, 22 October 2012

Day 11

Last night I got so sick of sleeping sitting up that I just threw the 'bed wedge' out the bed and laid with my head on three pillows propped up.  It felt comfy at the time and I did sleep well, but I've got a neck ache today :(  I need to try out some new pillow propping methods to find a comfy way to sleep.

Today I asked one of my online jaw buddies who doesn't blog (Hi Sam if you're reading this!) when she started chewing again, and she said that she was told not to chew for 6 weeks!  I didn't realise it would be this long considering the lack of information my hospital have given me.  I'm already running out of things to eat.  I don't know how I'm going to cope on a soft diet for another month!

On the plus side, my swelling seems to have gone down quite a lot today, and even the bruising seems to be disappearing a bit.  Because my mum's at work during the day now, I have to take my photos at night which means the light isn't great and it accentuates every imperfection on my face, so I think I look worse in photos than I do in the mirror.  I feel like I look like Droopy Dog in the first one (this dog!

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  1. Hi Sarah, I think you are looking great, but I also understand how you are feeling about the droopy dog thing. I remember feeling like I resembled a chipmunk following my palate expansion surgery & wondered if I would ever look or feel 'normal' again. You'll get there it just takes a little time for everything to settle. Hope you're feeling better soon :)
    Cheers, Ellie