Sunday, 26 June 2011

Can Katy Perry make braces sexy?!

Has anyone seen Katy Perry's video for Last Friday Night? I'm glad to see that even after her transformation from a geek with glasses and a headbrace to a pretty girl she still has her normal braces on...and she manages to still look annoyingly pretty, so this gives me faith that I can still look attractive with braces! Although every time I see photos of myself from nights out recently, all I see is a big brace face! I've got used to seeing myself in the mirror with braces, and although obviously I don't love having them, I don't think they're too detrimental to my face, but when I see photos I think they look so noticeable and so horrible! Since having braces I haven't tagged any photos of myself on facebook!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

More bands

I had an appointment yesterday and my ortho said that she's going to be putting some silver bands on my back teeth as at the moment I only have them on my second to back teeth. So yesterday I just had some of those little plastic rings shoved in the gaps to open them up ready for my bands to go on at my next appointment next Wednesday. Luckily it didn't hurt as much this time as only one ring snapped, whereas last time they kept snapping over and over again which meant I got all of the metal instruments wacked around my mouth! I'm not really sure what the point of having more bands is, but I just let her get on with it!

She spoke again about me having my top wisdom teeth taken out, and said that she needs to talk to the surgeon about it, but she said that obviously she'll only get me to have it done if it's really necessary.

She also asked me to make an appointment for 6 weeks time, but because she's going to be on holiday it's ended up being 9 weeks time, so will be on 25th August. Although this is annoying because it's slowing the process down again, it could be quite good as I might be starting a job at the beginning of August, so it would mean that I won't be disappearing for an appointment as soon as I start the job...if I get it!

Still not sure what's going on with this tooth with no bracket, I'll have to try to remember to ask her next time I go.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

More successful eating but told I look like a teenager

I went out last night for dinner and drinks with my friend. I ordered a panini and chips for dinner. I wasn't sure if the panini would be a good idea, but being a vegetarian I'm already pretty limited in what I can eat when I go out, so I thought I'd give it a go. It actually went suprisingly well! I managed to bite the panini ok, but biting the tomato in it was quite difficult and I ended up just having to eat massive slices of tomato in one go otherwise it would've been hanging out of my mouth! Needless to say I still had bits stuck in my braces despite the success of actually getting through it, so I had to go and clean my braces in the toilet in the restaurant/bar. I was too embarrassed to do it at the sinks in front of everyone so I went into a cubicle with my little brace cleaning brush and a mirror, and wiped the chunks of food on a piece of tissue! When I came out of the cubicle I managed to have a quick rinse in the sink while nobody was around!

So dinner was quite successful, but I got a bit annoyed later because some old man came up to me and my friend in a club and told me that I look about 17. For some reason people don't seem to think it's an insult to be told you look young and they just come up to you and say it. I'm 22, I don't want to be told I look like a teenager! I already look really young for my age, and I'm sure the braces aren't helping!

Friday, 10 June 2011

2 months of braces

So, Wednesday marked 8 weeks of having braces. I've been so busy with exams the past couple fo months, that I haven't been posting much, but I finished my last ever exams yesterday, so I now I have lots of free time!

Anyway, yeah 2 months of braces, I don't feel like my teeth have really changed that much since the 1 month mark to be honest. I kind of feel like the braces aren't really doing much at the moment, as nothing seems to have changed, so I'm looking forward to my next appointment as I think I'm getting some elastics put on, so hopefully that should get things moving again!

Yesterday was the first time I've really had to tackle eating in public with my braces, and I had to do it twice in one day as well! I had lunch with a couple of people, one who I know really well so I wasn't bothered about having a brace full of food in front of her, but the other I don't know as well. I made the stupid decision of getting an egg and cress roll, and the cress was probably a bad idea. But anyway it didn't go too badly, managed to keep the cress confined to just getting stuck in the parts of my braces at the back!

Later that day me and the same girl from the lunch episode decided to get pizza takeaway to celebrate finishing our exams. However, her friend decided he wanted to get pizza too, and let's just say that me and this friend have history, and I did not want him to see me looking unattractive with a brace full of pizza! But unfortunately I had to sit opposite him while I slowly made my way through this pizza, and it was not an enjoyable meal! I find it hard to eat pizza without pulling half the topping off anyway cos of my stupid bite. Secondly, I know how much food I get stuck in my braces when I eat, so I was just paranoid the whole time about having pizza braces! I just tried not to open my mouth too much, but then when you have a stupid mouth like mine and your lips don't really close naturally, that's easier said than done! Anyway, so basically I had to sit in front of him, unattractively making my way through a pizza and hoping I didn't have too much food stuck in my braces - it really wasn't a good look haha!

Anyway I took some pics the other day, but as I said I don't think much has really changed that much since the last pics.

This is a pic of my stupid wonky tooth that has no bracket on it. I'm still wondering why my ortho decided to leave this poor tooth out! The gap is so big on each side that the other day I got my little brace cleaning brush stuck in it! (By the way, I'm pushing my bottom jaw forward in this jaw hasn't just miraculously moved forward unfortunately!)

By the way, has anyone else found that they can't see any of their followers? Every time I click on mine they don't show up, and they're not on my blog either. It's annoying cos I've had a few new followers over the past few weeks, and I like to see who they are and have a look at their blogs.