Saturday, 28 May 2011

Horray I can comment again!

For anyone else having problems with this, you need to untick the box that says 'stay signed in' on the login page! After just posting a very angry comment on the help pages I then saw that somebody had suggested this, and it worked! Yay!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Still can't comment :(

SN said she's also been having this problem, although hers now seems to be fixed as she managed to comment on my blog. Did you do anything to make it work or did it just happen by itself? I STILL can't comment, it's getting very annoying. I posted a comment on a discussion on the blogger help pages (ironic that I can post a comment on there but not on blogs!), but their help system seems pretty crap - from what I can see you can only post questions/comments to discussions, there's no way of actually emailing or phoning someone for help. Does anyone else know any way of contacting them?

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

A message for Dani and Rihanna because I can't comment on any blogs!

As you might've seen my blogger's being weird and I can't comment on any blogs - I seem to be the only jaw blogger this has happened to, unlucky me :(

But I just wanted to say congratulations on your surgery Dani! I've been eagerly awaiting your first posts! I can't believe you being awake in the operating theatre, and even more I can't believe you putting your tongue ring back in, and even more than that I can't believe that stupid woman trying to talk to you about religion when you've just had jaw surgery! I really don't think I would've had much patience with her! I know I'll be exactly the same and not want to look at my big swollen face, but to me you really don't look to swollen considering it's Day 1! Hope your recovery goes well!

And good luck Rihanna!! I hope it all goes well and look forward to seeing your post-surgery posts!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Thanks to this problem with blogger, I can't even comment on my own blog, but according to their help pages it's a problem that lots of people are having so I'll just have to wait :( As much as I love blogging with my jaw buddies, I must say that blogger is not great, it often seems to be going wrong!

A technical question for my fellow bloggers...

Blogger is being VERY annoying! Earlier on I wrote a big old long comment to go on Rihanna's blog, and then when I tried to post it, it said 'choose comment profile', so I clicked on 'Google account' and then it tells me to sign in, so I sign in, and then it takes me to my 'dashboard' page, but as soon as I click on a blog which opens in a new window, it says I'm not logged in again!!!

It's so annoying and means I can't comment on anything! Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone know how to solve it?! Thanks!

Friday, 20 May 2011

A question about splints

Do you only have to have a splint if your upper jaw is widened out? I think I'll just be having mine shortened, is it likely that I'm going to have to have the dreaded splint?!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Debuting the braces

So I went out on Friday night and was a bit worried about going out for the first time with my braces. It was what is called 'Fetish Night' at my student union, which basically involves wearing as little clothing as possible, so in a way that was good because at least it drew the attention off my teeth, but in a way was bad because I was meant to be feeling sexy but really wasn't because of my brace paranoia. Anyway, I ended up getting very very drunk, and said to this boy I know 'Do I look really ugly with my braces?' and he said no (I think I would have punched him if he'd said yes haha) and I ended up in my drunkenness telling him about the jaw surgery - I don't even know this boy that well but I talk far too much when I'm drunk. But the weird thing was he said his sister's meant to be getting it - it seems like every time I tell someone about it they already have some experience of it somehow!! Another boy said to me 'I like your braces' and I told him not to say it, and he was like 'Why? I said I liked them' and I said 'because you obviously don't and that's just told me that they're noticeable'.

Anyway, up to Friday I felt fine about my braces, I felt like they didn't look too bad, but then on Saturday the photos appeared on facebook...They were all completely horrendous, admittedly partly because I was completely drunk, but also because of my braces :( I don't mind them much 'in real life', but in the photos they seem to stand out soooo much! I hated them, and it made me feel really down about them for the next few days. Most other people on here seem to have clear brackets which make them less noticeable, but I just feel like a big old goofy metal mouth! On the one hand it's making me even more glad that I'm getting the surgery cos I feel like I looked so ugly in the photos, but on the other hand it makes me want these braces off so bad!!!

I had an interview today and was worried that the braces would make me look really young - they say first impressions are important so I didn't want to seem like a teenager! But it seemed to go well so I'm sure the braces can't have had that much of an effect.

I know that nobody else notices or cares, but I feel like my braces are so big and obvious! Oh well, it will all be worth it in the end!

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Stupid blogger!

Seems like blogger's been playing up recently, so if you've commented and it hasn't been published it's because it apparently no longer exists! Mai thanks for your comment which I now can't see, but I hope you're right and that it's not another 11 months of braces!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

1 month of braces

Today is my one month brace-iversary! 1 down, probably at least 11 more to go! I came back to uni this week, so was anticipating what people's reactions would be to my braces. The people who already knew I was getting braces have pretty much just gone 'Oh you've got your braces on', maybe asked a few questions, and that's about it. However, the people who didn't know haven't even said anything! I know it's not a big deal to anyone else, but surely they must have noticed?! I don't know whether they're just being polite and not saying anything, whether they genuinely haven't noticed (but surely it's pretty hard not to?!), or they just don't even care enough to say anything! It's weird! I'm going out on Friday night and people will be drunk so maybe they'll be a bit more blunt and might say something about them! I kind of hope so, I just feel weird when people don't mention it, somehow it makes me feel more self-conscious of them.

I had one of those moments today where I was reassured that I'm definitely doing the right thing. It's weird cos whenever I look in the mirror to try and convince myself that I'm doing the right thing, I end up thinking 'oh maybe it's not even that bad, am I being completely ridiculous?!', but then when I just happen to see myself from the side I think 'Oh my God, how have I lived with this stupid face for so long? How do people not look at me and think what a weird face that girl's got?!!' I do know that nobody else notices or cares, but to me sometimes I just think it looks so abnormal that I can't believe people don't notice. I was positioning mirrors so that I could see my hair from a different angle, and I caught a horrible view of the profile, but as much as I hate it, it makes me happy too cos I know that I'm definitely doing the right thing by going through with this.

Recently I've been getting a bit more worried about the possibility of permanent numbness. I remember when I met my surgeon he said that only 5-8% of people (I don't know whether he meant in general or his patients specifically) have permanent numbness, but through my own research I don't think I've found anyone who hasn't been left with at least a bit of permanent numbness. I could cope if it was like a bit of chin or cheek or something, but the thought of having no feeling in my lips forever scares me :s

Anyway, here are some pics of my 1 month braced teeth. They probably don't look much different and it's probably not very exciting seeing the same pics of my teeth over and over again, but I want this blog to be a record for myself too so I can look back at my progress.

I don't know why the alignment of my teeth looks wonky here :s

The gummy smile

That canine on the left of the pic is continuing to be pulled out further in line with the others. My teeth look so wonky from this angle, reassures me that my teeth definitely aren't normal.

I said before how this tooth without the bracket on was annoying me...Well now it's doing more than annoy me, it's causing serious pain! The other day when I spat out my toothpaste, the bottom of my tongue got caught in the newly formed tight gap between that tooth and the one next to it, and it bloody hurt! It really bled, and then for days after I kept catching it again, and it was really painful if I caught it on a bit of metal when I was licking around my mouth to get food out of my braces! It seems to have healed up now luckily!

Also, the other day when I was looking in the mirror, I noticed that my chin is slightly unlevel! I told myself that I was just being over-obsessive, but in this pic you can really see it!! It's got a massive bump on one side! But I'm pretty sure that in real life it's not something that notices. God I really don't want to have to start sorting out my chin as well as my jaw!

I also noticed the other day that behind my front four teeth where my old brace used to be, I've got some lovely brown marks all over them. You can see them a bit in this pic. I'm guessing it's the staining that's resulted from the brace being on for so long, but as long as it's behind my teeth I don't really care!

Overbite's not looking much different yet