Friday, 26 October 2012

Progress Days 1-14


  1. I love this!! I still have to get around to going through all my surgery pictures. Doesn't it feel great to look back and know it's over!!
    BTW you look beautiful

  2. Thank you both! Yep it feels good to know the worst is over, I just wish the rest of this swelling would go! Thanks, not sure I feel beautiful just yet!

  3. this is great thanks sarah! makes me feel better knowing whats going to happen in 2 weeks! whats the tube in your nose for? is it oxygen or food? ive not managed to gain to 2 stone advised so worried baout eatting after! also- when do they start to loosen the bands? can u talk wothin a week? also- how long r u off work? im hoping ill be better by xmas? xx

    1. Hi, it's not actually a tube, it was a cotton wool pack (basically like a tampon lol) up my nostril to stop my nose bleeding everywhere! Don't worry I weighed less than 8 stone before my surgery, and although I have lost weight I don't think it's had any bad effect on my recovery. The bands I've got at the moment are looser than the ones I had last week so I guess that each time they change them (which seems to be each week) they get a bit looser. Yeah I could talk as soon as I got out of surgery! I think the only thing that stops you from talking is the bands cos they hold your teeth together. I was between jobs when I had my surgery, but I think you'd need about a month off. I think you'll be feeling ok by Christmas, but I'm not sure if you'll be chewing by then cos they say you can't chew until 6 weeks post-op, so I'm afraid it may be a mushed up Christmas dinner for you! If you want to ask me any questions feel free, I know when I was researching this most blogs are American and it's hard to find out about the NHS process. If you want to ask me anything you can email me at