Friday, 28 January 2011

Got a phone call from the hospital today saying that I'm booked in for 7am on Monday to have my wisdom teeth out! I'm a bit nervous but quite excited just to be getting started with it all! Also looking forward to being lazy for a couple of days while I'm recovering! Still not sure if I'm meant to be having my top ones out too! I don't think I will cos I thought the whole point of it was just to get the lower ones out the way ready for when they cut the jaw. I might give them a ring and ask though!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Pre-op appointment

I had my pre-op appointment on Friday to check I'm ok to have my wisdom teeth out on Monday. It was way more thorough than I expected - I had my blood pressure and pulse measured, had swabs taken from my nose, the back of my throat, and my 'perineum' which was basically my groin! And I had some blood stupid left arm wouldn't give any blood, so I had to have the needle in both arms, and then I had to have an ECG heart tracing. They don't normally do the ECG, but cos I'd written about having mild dizzy spells/faintness on my questionnaire, they had to check I didn't have anything wrong with my heart. Which luckily I don't! Apparently I have 'a very happy heart' according to the nurse! But she did keep checking my pulse and said it was a bit quick! But she said it was nothing to worry about.

Anyway, so apparently I should be getting my teeth taken out on Monday, but I still haven't had a confirmation letter from the hospital, so I don't know where I'm meant go when I get there or what time I've got to be there or anything. I'm a bit nervous cos I've never had any kind of operation before, so I'm a bit worried about going under anaesthetic and everything!

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Facebook group

Just in case there's anyone who looks on my blog and doesn't know about the facebook group for orthognathic surgery, here's the link...!/pages/Orthognathic-Surgery-Support-at-Yahoo-Groups/106606967353

It's really helpful and great for finding out about other people's experiences and asking any questions you've got!

Jaw clicking

I don't know whether this is completely in my head or not, but recently I've noticed that my jaw clicks on the right side when I open my mouth, and when I push my bottom jaw forward (which I have to do to bite and drink).

When I last saw the orthodontist she asked if I got any clicking or pain, and I said no, but recently I've noticed the clicking. I don't know whether it was always there and I've only just noticed it, or whether it's just coincidence that it's started just after she asked me about it!

I've also felt like it's been aching a bit in my jaw joint, but this is probably all just in my head! But the clicking is definitely there, and it kind of reassures me that I'm doing the right thing cos I've heard that lots of people with jaw problems get clicking and pain, and that's part of the reason they get the surgery.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Before photos

Ok, so now that things are actually going to be happening soon, I thought it was time for the before photos! I was going for the 'brutal but realistic' look! I wanted them to look like how I usually look, and not be either too flattering or too harsh! So here's many pictures of my face from different angles, and then some close-ups of my teeth!

Close-up of teeth

Close-up of smile

Overbite from left

Overbite from right

Overbite from underneath (I didn't realise how wonky they'd got since my last braces!)

Top teeth (the wire behind my front four teeth is a permanent brace that was put in when I had braces before to stop my two front teeth crossing back over...I don't know what will happen to it now that I'm having braces again!)

Bottom teeth (excuse the fillings!)

Lots of appointments!

I have lots of hospital appointments lined up for the next few weeks! It may sound weird but it makes me excited just cos I finally feel like things are getting going!

So I have...

21st January - pre-op appointment for having my wisdom teeth out
31st January - having my wisdom teeth out!
16th February
23rd February

Don't really know what the last two appointments are for, but I'm guessing/hoping that maybe I'll be getting my braces on then. Part of me is dreading the braces cos obviously they're not the most attractive things! But then most of me is glad to be getting them on and moving on with the whole process! As well as knowing that the braces are the beginning of changing my bite, it will also be nice to see my teeth straighten out again cos inevitably they've moved a bit from when I had them when I was a teenager!