Sunday, 7 July 2013

9 and 1/2 months post-op.... AND DEBRACING!!!!!

So firstly, I must apologise for having become a rubbish blogger... I never thought this was possible, but I have actually got to a stage in my life where I don't think about jaws every second of every day!  When I was in my pre-op days, I used to not understand it when I saw post-oppers blogging less and less, and was like 'How can you not be interested any more?!', but now that I am a post-opper, I've got to the point where it's not something I think about all the time.  Don't get me wrong, I am still soooo grateful and happy that I've been able to do this, but you do get to a point where it's not the main point of your life any more!  I was meant to post at 9 months, but never got round to taking photos, so it's ended up being about 9 and half months!
Anyway, onto exciting new... I GOT MY BRACES OFF ON WEDNESDAY!!!  I was so worried that when I got to the hospital my ortho would change her mind, but thank god she said it was ok to take them off!  I didn't enjoy the actual debracing process... the taking off the brackets part wasn't as bad as I thought, but the bit I didn't like was taking off the rings on my back teeth.  One of then just did not want to come off, and she was pulling away at it with her pliers for ages.  I felt like my tooth was going to come off with it!  But eventually it did come off, and then she got her little sander type thing and sanded off all the glue, and then she gave them a polish.  Since then I've also been to the hygienist to get them cleaned, but tbh they're not quite as white and glistening as I'd hoped... but still they're not too bad so can't complain really! 
The only slight bad news is that I have to wear my retainers all the time for three months, and then I should be able to switch to just nights.  However, my retainers are completely see through (which I wasn't expecting!) so you can't even notice them unless you look up close!  It's slightly annoying as I have to take them out every time I eat, or drink a hot drink, but it could be worse!  Apparently I still have a slight cross bite on one side, so they're hoping the retainers will sort that out, but tbh I don't really care too much, I'm just glad to be out of  braces.  I think because it's their job they kind of aim for perfection, but to me they look fine as they are!
I was meant to see my surgeon on Thursday, but actually ended up seeing a woman who apparently works with him instead.  She looked at how wide I can open my mouth and seemed a bit concerned (I can still only do 2 fingers), so they given me some jaw exercises to do, as well as some fat lolly stick type things, which I have to put between my back teeth!  I've got 12 of them, and at the moment I can fit 9 in at a push, but I've got to try and gradually increase it.  I'm going back in 6 weeks for them to see if it's improved at all.
Anyway, here are my debraced pics!  They're not the most attractive pictures of me, so I will try and take some when I'm a bit more made up!  But hopefully you can see my beautiful brace free teeth!  When I've got more time I will do some proper before and after comparisons.