Friday, 30 November 2012

Day 48 - orthodontist appointment

I went to the ortho on Wednesday and once again he said how good it all looked!  He was showing me to a woman who I assume was training, and he said that for 7 weeks my swelling is pretty good.  However, he did say that I should 'lubricate' my face a lot and massage it to help the swelling go down more... he even recommended I go for a facial, which I'd love to do but I'm afraid I just can't afford it right now!

He changed my bands... I was hoping (but knew it wouldn't actually happen) that I'd get my bands off so that I'm a little more normal when I start my new job on Monday, but alas, he just changed them.  But they are better now, I don't have any at the front so it's much less noticeable.  I haven't got another appointment now until 16th January.  It was meant to be in 4 weeks, but with it being Christmas and now that I'm moving away and have to travel back a long way to go to appointments it's ended up being 6 weeks.  So my hopes and dreams of getting my braces off in early January have faded, but hopefully it shouldn't be too long after.  He said that if before my next appointment my bottom teeth start to come level with or even go past my top teeth (i.e. I start getting an underbite) then I just need to stop wearing the elastics.

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