Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Day 39

I saw my friend on Day 39, she's seen me before post-op so I think she's got used to 'the new me' now.  I was really pissed off because we went to the supermarket to buy some snacks and because she bought alcohol we got ID'd.  Now I've always looked young and I'm no stranger to people telling me this, but the woman who ID'd us really annoyed me.  She said 'Can I see some ID from you as well because you look very young...actually you look really young.  You look about 12'.  I replied with a very sarcastic 'Thanks'.  It really annoyed me because people don't seem to think it's offensive to tell you that you look like a child when you're actually 23!  So what I'm wondering is does my new face make me younger than my old one?  The dental nurse at my orthodontist said that I'll look younger when I get older, which will of course be a benefit, but does my new face make me look even younger than I did before surgery?  Hopefully once the braces are off I won't look quite so young any more.

To add insult to injury, the woman then looked at my ID and looked at my face, and I thought she might question it because I obviously look different now, but she just said 'Yeah I can see it's you without you're glasses on'.  And then added 'It's nice to see people who actually look like their ID, usually people have had so much plastic surgery now that they don't look like their picture'.  Erm, actually I've just had surgery to make me look different, and now you're telling me that I don't look any different!!!  She really annoyed me.  Also, where the hell has she been working?  Hollywood?!  Believe me the people who live in that town cannot afford to get plastic surgery lol!

Anyway enough ranting, here are Day 39 pics...

Also I just wanted to post a picture of my teeth.  I've drawn on red lines to show where the bottom of my canines are.  You can see from this that on my right side (left side of the photo) my canine comes down to just above my bottom braces, but on the left (your right) there's quite a gap between my canine and the bottom braces.  I can also see on the this side that the teeth aren't fitting together as well as on the other side.  I know that there's still work to be done with the braces, but I only noticed this the other day and I hope it's nothing to worry about.


  1. I was at a restaurant/ bar and was IDed with my jaw WIRED SHUT still. Guess they thought I was young. You know what they say though, you'll appreciate it in 10 years!

  2. Hey Sarah,
    I would have been just as annoyed. Everyone keeps telling me I look younger now too. Before the surgery I was already looking younger from the comments I always heard, and now, I think, I look EVEN younger? I know one day we'll appreciate it... but I don't want to look 18 when I'm nearly 26, lol. I want to have more of a mature look. I am sure once everything is all said and done and out braces are off, we wont look AS young... Also I am sure our swelling has a lot to contribute to how young it makes us look.
    Ps. You look great, swelling has come down substantially.

  3. Hi Pretty Sarah! How are you doing? How is your recovery so far? I'm sorry I missed your surgery, I had to take a break from the jaw blog world! I hope everything is going well...don't worry about what the cashier said- you are looking great!! Take it from me, this is a long process, and don't get discouraged about your bite!



  4. Yep I'm sure I will appreciate it when I'm older, hopefully this theory will be proved correct and I will look 30 when I'm 40! But it is so annoying when people think you're a teenager. I think getting the braces off will help. I suppose our new faces do look more like a 'baby face' because they're rounder with smaller noses and features, which I think is a good thing but it does make you look younger too.

    Thanks Nikki! I'm doing really well thank you, I'm really pleased with my results. I'm sure my bite issues are nothing to worry about and I'm just being paranoid!