Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Day 30

Guess what... I forgot to take photos on this day!!!  I'm so annoyed with myself just because I like things to be nice and complete and now I will never have a full set of photos.

Anyway, one of my friends came to visit me on Day 30.  This was the first time she'd seen me since surgery apart from a photo I sent her the day after.  She thought I looked different, but she soon got used to my new face.  It's amazing how quickly people get used to your new face and forget what you used to look like.  I showed her my before and after post on my blog and she said that in some pictures I look like a completely different person!  She bought me lots of stuff to eat and keep me entertained while I'm off work, like magazines, a TV series she'd downloaded for me, some soups and some chocolate buttons!

By the way as I write this, I'm drinking a Complan with some of that spirulina powder (i.e. algae powder...eww) in it.  I thought I should try and use it seeing as I'm finding it hard to put weight back on.  It's turned the whole thing green but luckily it doesn't taste of anything.  Your meant to put a tablespoon in the amount of liquid I've got, and I put half a teaspoon in and it looks like this...

It all just floats on the top and then gets stuck on the inside of the glass or on the straw, so I feel like I'm hardly drinking any of it anyway!

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