Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Day 40

Sorry for the blurry-ness of the first photo, they never look blurry on the camera but then when I put them on the computer their true blurry-ness reveals itself!  By the way, I realise that I'm wearing the same hoody in the last few pictures, I promise I am changing the clothes underneath it, it's just so cold here in rainy cold old England that I'm forced to wrap up in hoodies and jumpers all the time lol!

I'm seeing some friends from my old job tonight so it will be interesting to see their reaction!  They knew I was having it done, but I don't know if they realised that I would look different afterwards.  I played on the medical aspect rather than the cosmetic aspect when I was at work because I didn't want my boss to think that I was taking a month off to have the face equivalent of a boob job or something, so I didn't want to keep going on about how it will change my appearance.  But then luckily the company went into liquidation and I got made redundant so I didn't have to worry about it lol!

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