Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Day 26

Today I saw one of my friends for the first time since surgery.  I've known her for about 12 years so she knows all about my jaw woes and the first time I was offered the surgery and everything.  She thought I looked quite different!  She put her hand up in front of her to cover the bottom of my face and said 'It's weird because from here (i.e. the top of my nose) up you look the same, but then when I move my hand away I'm expecting to see you with quite a long face, but now it's rounder and shorter'.  She also said 'Your nose actually goes up now!'  Overall though she thought I looked quite different, and she wanted to keep looking at my face!  She was like 'Do people keep staring at you now?' (meaning people who know me, not random strangers lol)!

We went in a restaurant and she had lunch, I had coffee :(  But as she sat down opposite me she was like 'Ah now I can really stare at your face!'  I was pleased with her reaction and her level of interest, as she asked me lots of questions, whereas some other people have hardly mentioned it and seemed really uninterested.  My jaw started aching from all the talking, but then we went to the cinema so my jaw had a couple of hours to rest!

When I took her home she wanted me to go inside to show her mum and dad my new face.  They've known me for ages so they also know all about it.  They said that it was 'quite a change' and seemed quite interested and asked questions which was nice!

I had quite an ambitious dinner and tried to have a korma.  I had a small amount of rice, and Quorn chicken pieces with korma sauce, but I had the chicken cut up/mushed up a bit.  It was quite tiring to eat but it was nice!

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