Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Day 27

I went to the hospital today.  I was expecting to see my normal orthodontist but actually saw the man I've talked about before, who I think is a more senior ortho.  When he first looked in my mouth he said 'Even better'... not sure what it's better than?  What he was expecting?

He said that now we're 'playing cat and mouse' with the elastics, I think he meant pulling everything one way then the other way until we get it in the perfect position.  He also said that we need to 'up the ante' with the bands... and we definitely have.  Apparently the point of this new configuration is to pull my lower jaw forward by half a millimetre.  I had to hold a mirror while he showed me how to put the bands on.  I now have the same rectangle box that I had before, with another band going from my canine to the back bottom tooth on top of it, and then another rectangle box on top of that!  So I now have three bands overlapping each other on each side!  It's very hardcore and is holding my teeth tightly shut.  I'm not looking forward to putting them all back on after my dinner.

He then went on to tell me that it will all keep getting better.  I think he said that all the swelling would have gone by... 6 to 10 months!  I'm pretty sure he said months, and not weeks, because he then went on to say that even after a year it won't have settled completely, but by 2 years I will look how I'm going to look forever.  He said I won't look like this forever, that my nose will come down (I assume he meant in terms of swelling) and that all the fine features of my face will become more defined with time.  This was all very reassuring as I do feel like I'm a bit of a chubby fat face at the moment!  He also said that I can have my braces off at 3 months post-op, whereas before he said 3 or 4!  So excited to get them off!  He then went on to show me all my old photos, which he's done before... I think he likes looking at the results because I suppose I'm like 'a job well done' to them!  I think he's proud of the outcome!


  1. Sarah, you look great at day 27. Thank you for all the information you posted. It was extremely informative. You're so lucky to get your braces off after three months. As of right now I have 6-9 months in mine still. I cannot believe he said 6-10 months till the swelling is completely gone!! That's insane! I have a three week check up with my surgeon tomorrow, I'll be sure to ask him about mine too.

  2. Haha! I feel your pain. The orthodontist I have been going to is old... and awful. He is the most forgetful person on the planet. Which wouldn't bother me, except that he forgets that I am getting surgery and what he is doing with my teeth! Sometimes it's scary putting yourself in strangers hands.

    That stinks you have to wear so many bands! I am not looking forward to that. You look so good though! Seriously :) I love reading your updates. So thanks!

  3. I'm not counting on actually getting my braces off in 3 months, it just seems to good to be true so I'm assuming it will be longer and then if it doesn't actually happen at 3 months it will be a bonus! Yeah the length of time it takes for the swelling to completely go is ridiculous! Haha, sorry to hear about your ortho Brytt, he sounds like a pain! Yeah the bands are really annoying, it takes so long to put them all back on after I've eaten!

  4. hey sarah ive been emailing a reply to the msg u sentme but not heard from u! im going in on the 19th for the same thing although they are cutting behind my two front teeth to spread that out as well! can u email me at as ive some questions? totally bricking it and also my mums all stressed wht to feed me!! 2 years ive been tryin to gain weight and ive only managed 7st 10!! im gonna waste away x