Saturday, 17 November 2012

Day 37

It's starting to annoy me now how my photos make me look worse than in real life.  Even my mum said today as she was taking them that I look completely different in the photos, and that they make me look much worse as they accentuate every bad thing on my face - I look swollen and assymetrical.  It's annoying because I feel like it's not giving my blog readers a true representation of how I look, and I'm not being big headed but having gone through all of this I can finally say that I'm happy with the way I look, but my photos don't show how good my results are.  I think the side profile pictures are accurate, but my front on photos make me look swollen and wonky.


  1. There is a HUGE difference in the swelling from your last pictures to now! I think you are looking great in these pictures - I also think that I look different in pictures vs. real life.

    1. Thanks Tiff, I think that might be partly just due to the time of day and just the photo itself. I hate how my pictures make me look so swollen!

  2. just found this blog and wow, what a surgery! You looked great before and after.
    don't worry! point and shoot cameras make everyone look distorted from close up. You have to have an SLR with an 80 mm lens to remove distortion.