Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Wisdom teeth update and upcoming braces

So it's now been just over a week since I had my wisdom teeth out, and in general the whole process hasn't been too bad! It's still a bit achey sometimes, it even feels like it's hurting in my top jaw sometimes too, which is odd seeing as I only had the bottom ones out! But I'm pretty much back to normal now...still eating a bit slower than usual and brushing my teeth very carefully. I'm only taking paracetemol occasionally, usually once a day, whereas last week I was constantly taking a combination of paracetemol and ibuprofen. I've heard that other people really suffer after having this operation, but I was feeling almost back to normal just 2 days after, so I think I got off quite lightly!

I think I'm going to be getting my braces on either next week or the week after. Now that it's getting closer I'm starting to get more worried about having them on again...I'm not worried cos I think they'll hurt or anything, I'm just worried that they'll make me look horrible! When I see other people with braces I don't think it makes them look ugly, but I guess I'm losing confidence just cos of my obsession with my jaw, and I feel like the braces aren't going to help!

I'm also wondering how people will react to the braces. I mean, for people who don't know about the surgery, will they wonder why I've got braces on at 22?! Will they ask or just think it's normal? The truth is most people probably won't really care, but I feel like it's going to be hard to try to explain the surgery to people, and also I hate drawing attention to my stupid no-chin big-nose face but it's kind of inevitable to talk about it when I'm trying to explain my reasons for having the surgery.


  1. heyy lady!

    We are so so similar in the fact that the SOLE reason I didn't want braces back on was because I was so worried about what people would think of me. One thing I've learned, and I have been in braces for 6 months, is that NO one cares. Anyone you care about is not going to care one bit, and anyone who does care is someone you shouldn't pay any attention to. I have been approached and asked out by guys more since I've had the braces than I was before! I hated the first time I saw a lot of people after getting braces because I was not ready to face what they had to say, but the only people who said anything at all were friends who were interested in my journey. I am sure, like me, you will be self conscious at the beginning, but it just becomes normal and you start to forget that you even have them. :)Good luck with everything, and trust me, the things you are self conscious about, 99% of people don't even notice!

  2. Ditto what Dani said.... my boyfriend actually thinks they make me look cuter! And in general, it fits my "health-conscious" lifestyle. So when people ask, I just say "I'm correcting my bad bite." End of story. I was bothered for about a week then I got over it. Can't wait for you to begin your braces journey and join the rest of us!! :-)

  3. Thanks for your comments! Yeah I think you're right, it might seem like a big thing to me but I'm sure nobody else will even take much notice! This probably shouldn't be a big worry for me but I have to admit that I'm worried boys won't find me attractive once I've got braces on! But like you say Dani, anyone who doesn't like me just cos I've got braces isn't worth caring about anyway! I hope I get the same reaction from boys that you did Dani! Yeah I think that's a good response to just say you're correcting your bite, I'm sure most people won't ask any more questions about it. A lot of the people I know now probably won't even know me by the time I actually get the surgery, so I suppose there's not really any point in going into the details!

    Having said all this I am quite excited about getting them on in a way!