Sunday, 6 February 2011

More (uglier) before pictures!

I know this sounds weird, but I'm not happy with the before pictures I put up already because they're not ugly enough! It's not that I want to look ugly, but I don't think those pictures show my jaw problem as bad as it is...or maybe they do, but they don't show it as bad as I see it. The whole reason I'm getting this done is because I'm not happy with the way I look, and I know the way I see it may not be accurate or the way anybody else sees it, but it's what I see that matters. So I decided that I wanted to put up some more pictures which show my face in the way I see it, and therefore show why I want to have the surgery. So, be prepared, these pictures are very ugly! But I wanted to show some photos of my face which look like the way I see it. As you'll see from these photos, I'm wearing different clothes in them all, and it's because I had a phase a little while ago where I just took a million photos of myself over several days! It was just before I had my wisdom teeth out and I kind of felt like it was my last chance to back out, so I really wanted to make sure that I was doing the right thing! Anyway, here they are...

So here are some with my teeth closed together but my mouth relaxed from each angle. Maybe these are particularly ugly pictures, but this is why I want to change it, cos I obviously do look like this in everyday life, whereas in pictures I'm posing for I obviously try to look nice! All I see in these profile photos is a big nose and a gormless dopey expression! (By the way, I don't know why my nostrils look so asymetrical in the picture from the front, that's not something I've ever noticed in real life!)

The next few pictures are of my attempting to close my mouth! I can close my lips, but as you can see from these pictures, it's a strain, and makes my chin go all dimply, and to be honest I just think I look stupid! So I'm trying to remind myself to not try to close my lips now!

And this last picture is of me with my mouth open and my teeth not together if you know what I mean! This is quite worrying cos I do this a lot of the time, in fact I'm doing it right now as I'm typing this, so it's obvious I must look like this quite a lot of the time! I think I just look so ridiculously dopey! And my nose looks huuuge!


  1. Sarah, we have almost exactly the same problem. I haven't got the guts to put up a picture of myself that shows the extent of my overbite, so I need some of your confidence! I too feel like I have a disproportionate nose because of my bite but that will change for the both of us very soon!:)

    When will you be having your braces fitted?

    I'm so happy to follow your progress, it's going to be simply amazing. You are already a beautiful girl but this surgery will just create more balance and harmony within your face.

    All the best and plenty of love!


  2. Hi Cat, I find it odd that you say that we have the same problem because when I've looked at your pictures and videos I feel like we have completely different shaped faces! From what I can see from your profile you don't like you have a disproportionate nose at all. I know we both have an overbite, but I feel like the effect it has on our faces is quite different. I know we both have our paranoia about our own faces, but to be honest when I look at your profile I don't feel like it has as bad an effect on you as it does on me, but like I say, maybe that's just because it's different when it's your own face.

    I think you're also already a very pretty girl, but I know it's such a personal thing and if it makes you feel happier about yourself then it's worth doing. I've found that since I've started all this jaw business I think of myself as much less attractive that I used to. The other day my mum was telling me that I was pretty (I know she would say that cos she's my mum!) but I just don't see myself as very pretty any more. I used to be quite confident about how I looked, but now I feel like all anyone sees is this massive nose and no chin!

    I think I'll probably be getting my braces on next week or the week after as I have two hospital appointments lined up! Quite excited to be progressing but at the same time not looking forward to having braces again!

    You're obviously a lot further ahead in the process than me, so I look forward to following your progress too! Do you have any idea when you might be getting the surgery yet?

    Sarah x

    ps. I wouldn't have the confidence to put these pictures up if I thought anyone who wasn't researching jaw surgery would be looking at it! I think I look terrible in them, but I'm hoping anyone who looks at thenm will find them useful and excuse the ugliness of them!!

  3. I just had another look at your blog, and I can actually see the similarity between our faces on your 'before and predicted' photo. I can see that we both have the recessive chin, but I think you've been blessed with a much nicer shaped nose than me so I still feel like it makes me look worse! lol! But maybe that's just the way I see it!

  4. After having a brace for over a year I've just learnt how to hit the right angles (it involves a lot of discomfort) :P Pushing my lower jaw forward constantly is no fun.

    I'm still scared to put up lots of natural photos because, like you said before, once diagnosed you start to dislike yourself more. I used to think I actually looked okay.

    I will get more natural pictures up soon. I'm hoping to find out my surgery date on Wednesday and I might put a few pics up out of temporary madness!

    Haha, I have to say this whole malarkey has made me criticize myself too much. It's not healthy!

    When all is said and done the end result is going to be fantastic, it may not be the most convenient thing for you to go through or the nicest. You may not love yourself right now but I'm sure other people do. Just remember you are going to look amazing when it is all done. I've not once seen someone who didn't look completely transformed after this surgery!

    All the best xx

  5. So many people say that their noses appear smaller after surgery so there's another bonus! :D

  6. I've heard that other people push their jaw forward all the time too, but I think I look a bit weird when I do it so I don't necessarily think it's a good thing for me to do in everday life!

    Yeah I totally agree that it makes you overly critical of yourself! But like I said, there's no way I would want anyone seeing these pics if they weren't looking for jaw surgery related reasons! And I'm hoping that the after pics (when they finally come!) will be so good that these ugly pictures will show just how good the transformation has been! Especially if it does have the desired effect on my nose!

    Good luck at your appointment tomorrow. I'll keep an eye on your blog to see if you get your surgery date! xx