Sunday, 6 February 2011

Natural and pushed forward comparisons

I often push my bottom jaw forward to try and see what I'll look like after the surgery, and I know it's not really a realistic representation of what I'll look like when it's done, but here are some comparisons of me with my jaw natural and then with it pushed forward...


  1. lol i do the same thing all the time. the funny thing is not many ppl knew i had a recessed jaw/chin because i would always keep my jaw postioned forward..24/7. can u imagine the pain in my joints! lol

  2. A lot of people seem to say that they push their jaw forward all the time, but I find that I look weird if I do it, although I do do it if I'm conscious that someone is looking at me from a side-on view. I do have to push my jaw forward to bite and drink though, so I can imagine that a lifetime of doing that might have a bad effect on my joints!