Sunday, 20 February 2011

Still no braces :(

I went to the hospital on Wednesday and I was pretty sure that I might be getting my braces either then or next Wednesday as I have another appointment. I didn't get my braces on, but instead I got some little plastic circles wedged in 8 gaps between my teeth! I had these when I had braces before and remember them really hurting, but luckily they've been ok, it's just been a bit harder to eat.

However, it did bloody hurt when she was putting them in!!! They kept snapping which meant that her metal tools she was using to put them in kept wacking me in the mouth! And then when she was putting one in on the bottom right of my mouth, she was pushing my bottom lip into my teeth with her hand and it REALLY hurt! And then it got even worse, cos when she was trying to put the last one in on the top left of my mouth, it just kept snapping over and over again, so she had to get a stronger one, and then when she was trying to get it in she just kept pushing this metal instrument thing into my top gum over and over again, and it hurt soooo much! My mum said she could see I was really in pain cos my whole body was really tense! But there was nothing I could do so I just had to lay there and bear it!

Anyway, now that they're in they're not hurting which is a pleasant surprise cos I was expecting them to! The point of them is to make bigger gaps between those teeth. I'm not really sure what she's doing when I go on Wednesday. I did ask but I was a bit confused with her answer! So I'll just have to wait and find out. I do know though that I'm not getting my braces on on Wednesday...she said that she can't really do the braces until I've had my fillings that I need sorted out, and also she informed me that I have some decay under one of the fillings I already have, so need that sorted too! She's writing a letter to my dentist to tell him to do it, and luckily I already have a dentist appointment booked for 11th March, so she said it won't really delay things much.

Despite the pain of having the circles put in, I was really pleased with what happened at the appointment...Firstly she spoke again about me having my top jaw done too if the gummyness of my smile bothered me, and although when she said this last time it terrified me, I've actually decided I'd be really disappointed if they didn't do it - I just don't want to go through this and not come out with the best possible result I could get. So, secondly, she said she'll sort out me getting an appointment to have a big consultation with, I assume, her, the surgeon, and any other important people, to actually have a proper talk about what I want done and what the operation will actually involve (although I probably know anyway seeing as I've done so much research on it! But it'll be nice to hear specifically about my jaw!) And lastly, a man came in who was obviously either more of a senior orthodontist than her, or maybe he was a surgeon, but anyway, he looked at my teeth and kept getting me to push my bottom jaw forward, and they had a little technical conversation about braces, and then he said to me that I'll get a really nice result from having the surgery! And he said that it was definitely a worthwhile thing to do! It was so nice to hear him say that, cos it was so reassuring! Because, 1) he's reassured me that I'll look good afterwards, and 2) he's reassured me that it's worth me doing this, and that I'm not just being massively vain by wanting to get it done! I suppose it kind of reassured me that what I'm doing is justified and not just me being overly obsessive!

So all in all I'm pleased with the progress...I might not have the braces on yet, but I know obviously the ortho knows what she's doing! And also there's always benefits to having a few more weeks brace free! And I'm pleased that my big consultation is being arranged, and that the ortho/surgeon man thinks I'll get a good result and that it's worth doing!

Here's some pics of my teeth with my blue (and one purple!) plastic circles in the gaps!

Sorry for such up close pictures of my throat! Not the most pleasant pictures I know! And sorry for the blurryness too, my camera's not very good at close up pics!

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