Sunday, 9 September 2012


I rang my hospital again the other day as I hadn't heard back from them, and was 'reassured' that I am on the waiting list.  Apparently the person who deals with it has been on holiday but is now back.  I would be perfectly satisfied with this answer... if I hadn't been given two different answers the last two times I rang.  Every person there tells me something different.  I don't feel too reassured to be honest, but how many more times can I ring them?!  I've got an appointment on 17th October, just a normal ortho appt, but I'm hoping I would've heard about my surgery before then.  How long should I give it before I start harassing them again?!


  1. I always feel the guy or gal at the end of that phone sees you as just a number, and often makes you feel bad for calling, like its an inconvenience for them to be dealing with you...not like its their job or anything...

    If you feel you're being pushed aside, passed from extension to extension, don't wait to call them again, its what they're there for.

    Good luck with you're next appointment, I hope you find out a surgery date then if not sooner!

    1. You're so right, they act like you're a nuisance for calliing them. I feel like saying 'If you all did your job properly I wouldn't have to ring you all the time!'

      I'll probably give it a couple of weeks and then ring them again!