Friday, 28 January 2011

Got a phone call from the hospital today saying that I'm booked in for 7am on Monday to have my wisdom teeth out! I'm a bit nervous but quite excited just to be getting started with it all! Also looking forward to being lazy for a couple of days while I'm recovering! Still not sure if I'm meant to be having my top ones out too! I don't think I will cos I thought the whole point of it was just to get the lower ones out the way ready for when they cut the jaw. I might give them a ring and ask though!


  1. Sarah,

    What does your OS suggest about the upper wisdom teeth? You're still so young so you might not be having problems with them now but "most" people do need to get all wisdom teeth extracted. That's not to say you will be one to have problems but it is very possible you will have problems with them later.

    In my case, I didn't even know I had wisdom teeth until I was about your age. I only started having problems with them when I was about 25 so they all had to come out. But honestly, I was young and healthy and had no problems whatsoever. Also, the top teeth healed the fastest because no food gets lodged (gravity is on your side here). I started a new job one week after I had them all out - in the middle of tax season working 12 hour days and I was completely fine.

    Obviously, your surgeon would be the expert, but I'd say just yank them all. Oh, something else - my orthodontist told me recently when I got braced that the wisdom teeth dropping on top likely had an impact on crowding my teeth and shifting the upper teeth because of the pressure they exerted trying to squeeze into my tiny mouth. My teeth were noticeably straighter in high school and college than as an adult so I would have to agree with him. I just never knew they could shift the other teeth.

    Whatever you decide, I'm sure your healing process will go smoothly!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I've only actually met the surgeon at one of my appointments so far, and at that time he only spoke about doing my bottom jaw, and he was acting as if I would only be having the bottom ones out so that they can cut the bottom jaw. But since then my orthodontist said that she thought I'd be having the top jaw done too, and I didn't know if that meant I'd need the top teeth out too. I don't really mind if I have to have all of them out, it just seems a bit odd to be having an operation and only finding out what they're actually doing on the morning of the op! I think I'll give them a ring tomorrow and see if I can speak to anyone who knows. To be honest I'm happy to let them do whatever they need to!

    Thank you for your advice, hope you have a good weekend too!