Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Lots of appointments!

I have lots of hospital appointments lined up for the next few weeks! It may sound weird but it makes me excited just cos I finally feel like things are getting going!

So I have...

21st January - pre-op appointment for having my wisdom teeth out
31st January - having my wisdom teeth out!
16th February
23rd February

Don't really know what the last two appointments are for, but I'm guessing/hoping that maybe I'll be getting my braces on then. Part of me is dreading the braces cos obviously they're not the most attractive things! But then most of me is glad to be getting them on and moving on with the whole process! As well as knowing that the braces are the beginning of changing my bite, it will also be nice to see my teeth straighten out again cos inevitably they've moved a bit from when I had them when I was a teenager!


  1. Do not worry about your braces being unattractive. At first it will be weird to get used to. You may feel like they are big and sticking in everyone's face and that's all they notice, but that's just in your head and goes away soon. I was so not into the idea of having braces at 21 years old, myself. But people don't treat you any different, and don't look at you any different and it's really nothing! You'll even start noticing there are quite a bit of people that are around your age and even older that have braces too!

  2. Yeah I feel like they're going to be really noticeable! But I bet once I've got them on I'll realise that nobody notices or cares! I realised this morning that I'm probably going to have them on til I'm 24! Seems so long away! But it will definitely all be worth it...I hope! Yeah I've already started noticing how many other people my age have braces! Whenever I go to the nightclub at my university I seem to see quite a lot of people with them on, so I suppose it's not that rare at this age.