Saturday, 15 January 2011

Jaw clicking

I don't know whether this is completely in my head or not, but recently I've noticed that my jaw clicks on the right side when I open my mouth, and when I push my bottom jaw forward (which I have to do to bite and drink).

When I last saw the orthodontist she asked if I got any clicking or pain, and I said no, but recently I've noticed the clicking. I don't know whether it was always there and I've only just noticed it, or whether it's just coincidence that it's started just after she asked me about it!

I've also felt like it's been aching a bit in my jaw joint, but this is probably all just in my head! But the clicking is definitely there, and it kind of reassures me that I'm doing the right thing cos I've heard that lots of people with jaw problems get clicking and pain, and that's part of the reason they get the surgery.


  1. You know what's weird? I used to push my jaw forward too. Not to eat or drink, but just to see in the mirror what it looks like when it is moved forward and how my teeth fit together. And now it doesn't go forward at all when I try to do that movement. I don't think it's normal for people to be able to do that haha. So when it is where it's supposed to be, it doesn't happen anymore.

  2. I do it subconsciously when I eat and drink, if I try to bite without pushing my bottom jaw forward it's not very successful! And if I try to drink without doing it it just feels weird! But yeah I push it forward to try and see what it will look like all the time! It's annoying though cos it doesn't really give you the full effect cos it's obvious I'm pushing my jaw forward, and obviously my teeth don't fit together when I do it yet! Still makes me excited about getting it changed though!

  3. I have this too, clicking *or popping* and pain from time to time, i am getting a consult at the end of the moonth, but there's a good chance i will get the surgery