Sunday, 24 July 2011

Vitamin B-12

I was just googling B-12 as everyone's been saying it's good to take for nerve regeneration after surgery, and I found this website which says some useful stuff about what's the best way to get it into the body. Apparently just taking B-12 tablets isn't the best way as your body doesn't absorb it. Seeing as I'm nowhere near surgery at the moment I didn't read it too closely but will keep it for future reference, but it might be useful to some of you who are approaching or have just had surgery...

Not sure if that will work as a link but if you put it in your browser it should work :)


  1. Interesting link! Thanks for sharing it. It must be a vitamin B thing, because for B folate to absorb, you also need to take it in a different form, l-methyl folate.

  2. Glad you found it interesting. Yeah I think for a lot of vitamins taking tablets doesn't really help that much because it's hard to absorb. When I get near surgery I'll be stocking up on whatever's the best way to get some B-12 because I want to do as much as possible to avoid numbness.

  3. Very interesting. I just started taking B-12 for my bad neuropathy.