Sunday, 10 July 2011

3 months of braces

Grr blogger just signed me out and now I have to do my whole post again! So annoying! So, second time lucky... Wednesday was 3 months of braces. In these pics I've got my new bands and wires but you can't see/notice them here. I've got wax on part of my brace in these photos because I've got an ulcer that keeps rubbing :(

You can really see in the next two photos how my teeth are starting to move and bite is changing. You can see that I now have gaps between my top and bottom teeth which used to meet but now don't. I'm really starting to be able to sympathize with people with open bites, because although it's obviously not as bad for me, I can start to imagine how annoying it is to have back teeth that don't meet.

Also the other day I went to some caves (random I know lol) with some friends, and my friend took this photo which I demanded she deleted from facebook, but I just got her to send it to me because it shows everything I hate about my profile/teeth...big nose, goofy teeth, big gummy smile, no chin...the list goes on...

I hope that one day I'll be able to do a post like Dani just did where she's shown a photo of herself which has caught her from the side and finally she's happy with how she looks. Hopefully I'll be able to compare this photo with a post-op one and be as happy as Dani is with my profile.


  1. lol im always worried about friends posting goofy pics of me on facebook. i have to make sure the the photo is which means a pre-meditated pose for me. turn my head to the side, angle it slightly sticking out my side jaw, smile without teeth showing...and click it now please while im holding this fake pose!! lol your last pic is totally like my profile btw

  2. I know what you mean, I never do a proper smile in photos, I have to do a fake smile where I make sure my lip is just above my teeth and not showing my big gummy top teeth. I hate seeing pictures like this, but on the plus side it reassurres me that I'm doing the right thing by getting this surgery. Seems like me and you have pretty similar faces and jaw problems!

  3. Show off those choppers, I had a brace when younger, still not 100% happy with the teeth today (years later) BUT when ever i see pictures of me when younger, I realise that actually i WAS beautiful! Don't waste your youth being paranoid about your teeth, you are beautiful.

  4. Thank you, that's really nice of you to say so. I know i should appreciate what you have, but it's hard to ignore my teeth when I hate them so much!