Thursday, 23 June 2011

More bands

I had an appointment yesterday and my ortho said that she's going to be putting some silver bands on my back teeth as at the moment I only have them on my second to back teeth. So yesterday I just had some of those little plastic rings shoved in the gaps to open them up ready for my bands to go on at my next appointment next Wednesday. Luckily it didn't hurt as much this time as only one ring snapped, whereas last time they kept snapping over and over again which meant I got all of the metal instruments wacked around my mouth! I'm not really sure what the point of having more bands is, but I just let her get on with it!

She spoke again about me having my top wisdom teeth taken out, and said that she needs to talk to the surgeon about it, but she said that obviously she'll only get me to have it done if it's really necessary.

She also asked me to make an appointment for 6 weeks time, but because she's going to be on holiday it's ended up being 9 weeks time, so will be on 25th August. Although this is annoying because it's slowing the process down again, it could be quite good as I might be starting a job at the beginning of August, so it would mean that I won't be disappearing for an appointment as soon as I start the job...if I get it!

Still not sure what's going on with this tooth with no bracket, I'll have to try to remember to ask her next time I go.


  1. Oooo, I was so scared of needing those silver bands. I never did but they just looked scary to me. That is awful that they were snapping and they had to keep going in with those instruments the last time. I hate when something goes wrong and they are banging around in there. Two visits ago, my ortho was trying to make a bend in my archwire and snapped off two brackets. Sigh... It's not their fault but for us patients in the chair, it is hard to take sometimes. I think I left claw markes in the chair!

    I think the reason for removing the wisdom teeth has a lot to do with recovery. I am not entirely sure. But I do know that they expect you to snake the feeding tube where your wisdom teeth used to be, in order to get liquids into your mouth. I never had any wisdom teeth...never was born with them. But I still have the space so I was a-ok.

    What do you mean you have a tooth with no bracket? Did it fall off or was there never one there? If it fell off, I would tell your ortho ASAP. It can really affect your treatment. A phone call cannot hurt!

  2. all my back teeth have those bands on too! I didn't know why either, but I think It's because all our teeth need to have something on them for when they band our teeth together, it's really annoying though because they scrape against my cheek! xoxo

  3. I don't find them too bad, I remember they kept cutting up my mouth when I first got them on, but once they've been there for a while I think my mouth hardens up to them!

    Yeah my ortho isn't very careful! I think I've been close to leaving marks in the chair too! You're lucky you didn't have any wisdom teeth to come out!

    The bracket was never on there in the first place! When she was putting them on she said to the nurse 'I'll leave L3' which must be that tooth cos she never put a bracket on it! I think I'll ask her about it on Wednesday when I go back cos I really don't see the point of it being left out!