Friday, 10 June 2011

2 months of braces

So, Wednesday marked 8 weeks of having braces. I've been so busy with exams the past couple fo months, that I haven't been posting much, but I finished my last ever exams yesterday, so I now I have lots of free time!

Anyway, yeah 2 months of braces, I don't feel like my teeth have really changed that much since the 1 month mark to be honest. I kind of feel like the braces aren't really doing much at the moment, as nothing seems to have changed, so I'm looking forward to my next appointment as I think I'm getting some elastics put on, so hopefully that should get things moving again!

Yesterday was the first time I've really had to tackle eating in public with my braces, and I had to do it twice in one day as well! I had lunch with a couple of people, one who I know really well so I wasn't bothered about having a brace full of food in front of her, but the other I don't know as well. I made the stupid decision of getting an egg and cress roll, and the cress was probably a bad idea. But anyway it didn't go too badly, managed to keep the cress confined to just getting stuck in the parts of my braces at the back!

Later that day me and the same girl from the lunch episode decided to get pizza takeaway to celebrate finishing our exams. However, her friend decided he wanted to get pizza too, and let's just say that me and this friend have history, and I did not want him to see me looking unattractive with a brace full of pizza! But unfortunately I had to sit opposite him while I slowly made my way through this pizza, and it was not an enjoyable meal! I find it hard to eat pizza without pulling half the topping off anyway cos of my stupid bite. Secondly, I know how much food I get stuck in my braces when I eat, so I was just paranoid the whole time about having pizza braces! I just tried not to open my mouth too much, but then when you have a stupid mouth like mine and your lips don't really close naturally, that's easier said than done! Anyway, so basically I had to sit in front of him, unattractively making my way through a pizza and hoping I didn't have too much food stuck in my braces - it really wasn't a good look haha!

Anyway I took some pics the other day, but as I said I don't think much has really changed that much since the last pics.

This is a pic of my stupid wonky tooth that has no bracket on it. I'm still wondering why my ortho decided to leave this poor tooth out! The gap is so big on each side that the other day I got my little brace cleaning brush stuck in it! (By the way, I'm pushing my bottom jaw forward in this jaw hasn't just miraculously moved forward unfortunately!)

By the way, has anyone else found that they can't see any of their followers? Every time I click on mine they don't show up, and they're not on my blog either. It's annoying cos I've had a few new followers over the past few weeks, and I like to see who they are and have a look at their blogs.


  1. Hey Sarah! I was hoping to follow your blog but it appears your follower option is gone like you said. Maybe try going through template and re-adding it.
    It looks like we're on the same timeline, I've had my braces for 2 months, got my wisdom teeth out not long ago and I'm going for my first adjustment in about a week.
    I also had to have pizza for the first time at my boyfriends mothers birthday and I sat there with a fork and knife, I think they all thought I was insane but I knew it wouldn't work out quite nicely any other way.
    I've avoided eating in public so much, its really hard at school, been just having smoothies or any type of drink that won't cause me to have food stuck in my teeth. :(

    Anyway your blog is really great! I look forward to reading more posts, I will bookmark you for now so that I can come check for updates :) hopefully the follow button will work soon, blogger can be such a pain sometimes

  2. I have resorted to eating pizza with a fork and knife so that I can keep it in the back of my mouth and not have to bite with my front teeth, thus eliminating pizza teeth. I only do this is public of course. It's a must for me because I looooove spinach on my pizza! :-)

  3. Hi Terra, I just tried to re-add the 'follow' button and I can't even find it on the features option any more. Is there not a follow button at the top left of the screen on the toolbar thing when you look on my blog? I can see it when I look at it, but I don't know if it's different when other people look on it! Blogger is definitely a pain! I'm already following you by the way :)

    Anyway, yeah it does seem like we're at the same stage, which is good, it's nice to have someone experiencing things at the same time as you. I already had my bottom wisdom teeth out in January, but apparently I'm meant to be having my top ones out at some point too, but I don't know when that's happening. I've got my first adjustment in about 2 weeks so it seems like we're at a very similar stage in the process!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who has problems with pizzas! A knife and fork probably would've been a good idea! I went out to Pizza Express (do you have Pizza Express in America?!) pretty soon after getting my braces on, but that was ok because it looks normal to use a knife and fork in a restaurant! I'm with you on the spinach Tina!

  4. I also hate eating in public with friends! At work sometimes I forget to pack my toothbrush so I pretty much don't eat anything for lunch in fear that food will get stuck in my braces and then having to serve customers with bits of food everywhere. I also find eating pizza hard and any type of sandwich with lots of fillings. I always get food stuck up in my back gums and it's so annoying when your with someone and you cant really stick your finger in to fish it out. so gross! ahhhh the downside of having braces :(

    Do you know when your having your surgery? You must be so excited! I'm excited for you, because now I know how much it will benefit you, as you have a very similar bite/profile as myself!

  5. ughhh. stupid blogger ate my comment! I'll try again.

    I try to avoid eating things like pizza and sandwiches in public, basically avoiding anything I would have to bite into since I can't bite it properly and it falls off/out. I also get bits of food in my braces all the time.

    My followers are missing half of the time. I think something is wrong with blogger. It's never been the same since it went down those few days last month.

  6. Yeah I think trying to bite into the pizza was definitely a bad idea, but at least I've learnt for the future! Yeah everything falls off/out when I try and bite. I can't wait to have a normal bite!

    I'm not sure when I'm having my surgery yet Rhianna, I guess it depends how quickly my teeth move, but not for a long time :( It makes me more excited when I see the benefits that people like you are getting post-surgery!

    Yeah Ellie I agree, blogger has been useless since that time it's useless quite a lot of the time actually!

  7. Wey! 2 months already, I can't believe it! You have really nice shaped teeth, you are going to have such a nice result. Hope you are well and are looking after yourself. It's hard getting used to a new brace friendly diet! Excited to see more posts. P.s have you seen Dani's latest posts. I think her bite was very similar to ours. She looks AMMMAZZZZZING!

  8. Sorry for taking so long to reply Catherine! I haven't had the internet for a few days. I don't think I have nice shaped teeth, but thanks! Yeah I agree, Dani's pre-op jaws were very similar to ours, so it gives me hope that I will look as good as her post-op! Not long til your surgery now!! Hope you are well!