Sunday, 26 June 2011

Can Katy Perry make braces sexy?!

Has anyone seen Katy Perry's video for Last Friday Night? I'm glad to see that even after her transformation from a geek with glasses and a headbrace to a pretty girl she still has her normal braces on...and she manages to still look annoyingly pretty, so this gives me faith that I can still look attractive with braces! Although every time I see photos of myself from nights out recently, all I see is a big brace face! I've got used to seeing myself in the mirror with braces, and although obviously I don't love having them, I don't think they're too detrimental to my face, but when I see photos I think they look so noticeable and so horrible! Since having braces I haven't tagged any photos of myself on facebook!


  1. Try not to shy away from posting pictures of yourself with braces! I have a friend in braces who refuses to smile with her mouth open, and any pictures of her with a normal smile she won't allow on fb. I post mine everywhere, it shows I am not ashamed or embarassed! Having braces is nothing to be so self-conscious about, which is something that took me a while to learn. Especially if you make light of it and joke around with people. Also, people will see tons of pictures of you with them and will grow to notice them less in person!

  2. I'm quite picky about what photos I tag of myself on fb anyway, so ones where I have a big metal mouth (which is going to be every photo for next 2 years lol) just don't make the cut lol! I wish I could smile with my mouth closed but because of my jaw I just look stupid when I try! I'm not really embarrassed that I have braces, but in photos they just seem so noticeable! I know this is probably just me being self-conscious and paranoid, but when I see photos of you with your braces on fb I think they look absolutely fine, but I think mine look horrible :( I wish I had the transparent brackets like you, I just feel like mine are so much more noticeable!