Sunday, 27 May 2012

Getting a little impatient now...

The good news is that my teeth are ready for surgery.  The bad news is, my next appointment isn't until 9th August!!!

So I went to the orthodontist on Wednesday 23rd May, and she looked at my teeth and said they were ready for surgery, and did some moulds, changed my wires etc.  She took off those transparent elastics that were across my front teeth too, which was good because they were more yellow than transparent by then!  She said I need to book one final appointment with her to have final measurements done, but that the appointment had to be when this other ortho/surgeon man was there too.  However, when I went to book this appointment, it turns out that the next time they'll both be there is 9th August!  I've also got to have another 'joint clinic' appointment, which is where I'll see my surgeon again.  I've got to wait to get that appointment date in the post, but the receptionist said it's more likely to be after than before the  9th August appointment :(

It's all so slooooow, and I'm so sick of having braces now!  I was hoping I would be having my surgery in July/August, and now it looks like it's not going to be until September/October!  I know I should be grateful that I'm getting this done at all, and I really am, but I'm just starting to lose my patience now.  I feel like I have to put so many things in my life on hold until these braces are off, and I'm sick of feeling ugly!


  1. Uhh that's so disappointing! Trust me, I know how that feels. They make us wait so long, as if having braces and getting jaw surgery isn't torture enough. It's such a test of patience, especially when you get your hopes up on having an earlier surgery date. I'm sure it will go by quickly for you. In the grand scheme of life, 4 or 5 months is nothing!

  2. I know exactly how you feel, BUT to put it in perspective, it must be very exciting that the 'longest' part is over, waiting for your teeth to be surgery ready...
    Time passes it waits for no one, so try to enjoy your summer (with the braces) because you'll look back and say 'why did I make myself so miserable because of some metal' !! Come this point next year you'll be beaming ear to ear brace free, cheer up doll!

  3. Sarah! So exciting your big day is right around the corner!!! How exciting! I know it still seems far off but the day will be here before you know it! Wishing you well lady :-)

  4. Thank you all for your kind comments, they really do help! I know in the grand scheme of things, it's really not that long, but I've just lost my patience with it now, I'm sick of thinking 'Oh it won't be too long now' and then the next time I see them I realise it's gonna be aaages! Hope you're all doing well :)