Saturday, 10 December 2011

Hygienist visit

Just a quick post. I went to the hygienest at the dentist the other day. I've never been before. I can't say it was a pleasant fact it was quite painful at times! But I think it did work wonders! Since having my braces I've developed brown stains on some of my front top and bottom teeth, especially on that tooth that was bracketless until recently. Because of this I was thinking I would probably have my teeth whitened when all this is over, but the hygienest did such a good job I don't think I'll bother! As long as the brown stains go, that's all I'm really worried about! It's £40 a visit, but I suppose that's cheaper than getting my teeth whitened, and this actually cleans your teeth rather than just whitens them. The hygienist said my gums are inflamed so I've bought some medicated mouthwash which is meant to prevent gum problems.

I'm having my top wisdom teeth taken out this Thursday, I'm a bit nervous about it only being a local anaesthetic. I hope I don't hear the sounds of my teeth being yanked out! I will update my blog after that, although I'm moving house this weekend and don't think I'll have the internet for a couple of weeks. I'll try and update at work, but I'm always wary of people seeing my blog/the blogs I'm looking at as I still haven't told them about the surgery :s


  1. hey, i got two of my wisdom teeth taken out as a pre requisite to surgery under l.a ..and trust me i didn't even feel any sort of pain ..just eat lots of ice cream and use ice to deal with the numbness afterwards. it'll help

  2. Hi Sarah!

    Im 26 and just got my braces on for my gummy smile, deep overbite and such! I just started my blog btw yay! Im so happy there are so many of us working on improving out bites, jaws, and finding calm in our lives. :) See you around!