Sunday, 27 November 2011

8 months of braces and a bracket on every tooth!

Wednesday 23rd November marked 8 months of braces, and coincidentally I had an appointment on that day too. I finally got a bracket on that tooth that had no bracket, so it's being pulled forward in line with the others. I took the photos below yesterday, which shows how quickly the tooth has moved in just 3 days. It now just has a gap across from the tooth next to it, but is pretty much in line with the other teeth.

My ortho asked me how I got on at the joint clinic (my last appointment where I saw the surgeon - she was there for the beginning of it but then had to leave). She asked if I felt reassured by it, and I said 'reassured but disappointed by how long I've got left to go until surgery'. She asked how long they said and I told her they said 9 months (which was a month ago so 8 months now). She indicated that that might be more a case of just having to wait until they can fit me in rather than my teeth not being ready, so I asked her how far along we were in terms of my teeth moving. She said that she'll need to see me another 3 or 4 times before I'm ready for surgery, so she said that orthodontically I'll be ready by about April/May (which will be when I've had my braces on for about a year). She asked if I'd be willing to go in at short notice if somebody else cancelled, and I said 'yes, I just want to get it done as soon as possible', so she said she'd tell the woman who's in charge of booking surgery dates that I'm desparate to get it done as soon as possible and that I'll take any cancelled surgery dates. So perhaps there's a chance that I may get it done sooner than they said at my last appointment, but I'm still going to keep July/August in my head as when it will be, and anything sooner is a bonus. But I think I'm going to make sure I'm prepared and have bought stuff I'll need by April, so that I'll be ready just in case I do get to go in earlier. I haven't told my work about it yet, but am planning to tell them in January when we have our staff review. But I'll make sure I tell them that I might have to have it done at short notice. People at work have been asking me a bit more about my braces, but I try to keep off the subject as much as I can at the moment, because I don't want to have to say anything about my surgery until I've told my boss/manager about it.

Anyway, so my next appointment is on 15th December when I have my top wisdom teeth taken out. Then my next one after that is on 5th January when I'll see my ortho again.

Here are my 8 month pictures:

My cant really is a lot more noticeable in photos than in real life...I think...I hope

I still have a gap between my recently bracketed tooth and the one next to it...

...but at least it's in line with the others!


  1. Sarah--that's great news about the bracket. I hope they are able to fit you in earlier for surgery. You're teeth are looking very straight now. I'm sure it won't take too long for that gap to close now that there is a bracket. I hope everything goes well at work when you tell them about needing to have off for the surgery.

  2. Sarah, thanks for posting on my latest post about the genio. Looking at your profile now I think you have a super duper cute chin and I wouldn't change anything about it! Once your bite is in proper position, you're going to LOVE your chin.

    I'm so happy for you that you might have the surgery sooner! Will keep my fingers crossed for you! You live in the UK right? Where at by the way? I studied abroad in England for a semester back in college. Best days of my life!

  3. Thanks Ellie, I hope I'll be able to have it done sooner too! Yeah I'm a bit worried about telling my work, I'm not sure they'll be very understanding :s

    That's ok Tara, hope my ramblings helped! Have you decided what you're going to do about it yet? Thanks, I don't think there's anything majorly wrong with my chin either, I'm sure I'll like it once it's in the right place! Yeah I live in the UK, in Kent in South East England. It's pretty near London and I work in London too. Where did you stay when you studied here?