Wednesday, 25 May 2011

A message for Dani and Rihanna because I can't comment on any blogs!

As you might've seen my blogger's being weird and I can't comment on any blogs - I seem to be the only jaw blogger this has happened to, unlucky me :(

But I just wanted to say congratulations on your surgery Dani! I've been eagerly awaiting your first posts! I can't believe you being awake in the operating theatre, and even more I can't believe you putting your tongue ring back in, and even more than that I can't believe that stupid woman trying to talk to you about religion when you've just had jaw surgery! I really don't think I would've had much patience with her! I know I'll be exactly the same and not want to look at my big swollen face, but to me you really don't look to swollen considering it's Day 1! Hope your recovery goes well!

And good luck Rihanna!! I hope it all goes well and look forward to seeing your post-surgery posts!

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