Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Debuting the braces

So I went out on Friday night and was a bit worried about going out for the first time with my braces. It was what is called 'Fetish Night' at my student union, which basically involves wearing as little clothing as possible, so in a way that was good because at least it drew the attention off my teeth, but in a way was bad because I was meant to be feeling sexy but really wasn't because of my brace paranoia. Anyway, I ended up getting very very drunk, and said to this boy I know 'Do I look really ugly with my braces?' and he said no (I think I would have punched him if he'd said yes haha) and I ended up in my drunkenness telling him about the jaw surgery - I don't even know this boy that well but I talk far too much when I'm drunk. But the weird thing was he said his sister's meant to be getting it - it seems like every time I tell someone about it they already have some experience of it somehow!! Another boy said to me 'I like your braces' and I told him not to say it, and he was like 'Why? I said I liked them' and I said 'because you obviously don't and that's just told me that they're noticeable'.

Anyway, up to Friday I felt fine about my braces, I felt like they didn't look too bad, but then on Saturday the photos appeared on facebook...They were all completely horrendous, admittedly partly because I was completely drunk, but also because of my braces :( I don't mind them much 'in real life', but in the photos they seem to stand out soooo much! I hated them, and it made me feel really down about them for the next few days. Most other people on here seem to have clear brackets which make them less noticeable, but I just feel like a big old goofy metal mouth! On the one hand it's making me even more glad that I'm getting the surgery cos I feel like I looked so ugly in the photos, but on the other hand it makes me want these braces off so bad!!!

I had an interview today and was worried that the braces would make me look really young - they say first impressions are important so I didn't want to seem like a teenager! But it seemed to go well so I'm sure the braces can't have had that much of an effect.

I know that nobody else notices or cares, but I feel like my braces are so big and obvious! Oh well, it will all be worth it in the end!


  1. Sarah, embrace the braces! Take advantage of it. Have fun with it. Walk with your head high and that confidence will be way sexier than a non-braced mouth!

    Also, I had the same experience where when I got my braces, it naturally lead to talks about my surgery and I ended up hearing so many people who know someone, etc, who had it done too. Expect a lot of it! I never once heard of anyone who regretted it! :-)

  2. I felt that way for a while, but you'll get used to it. Try not to worry too much, I know it's difficult, but just realize how many AMAZING pictures of yourself will come out of this experience, rather than a lifetime of pictures you don't want to look at!

  3. I know I shouldn't let it bother me, and I wasn't really until I saw photos of myself! To be honest even without the braces they wouldn't have been nice due to my extreme drunkenness, but the braces weren't helping! When I see braces on all of you I don't think they even look bad or noticeable, but when it's on yourself it somehow seems so much worse!

    It is odd how many people seem to know about it or have some connection with it! And you're right Dani, it's a short term sacrifice for a long term gain!

    Thanks so much for your comments, I know you're both right and I'm sure I'll get used to it soon!

  4. Reading this reminds me of how I feel with my braces- I've had my braces on for a little over 2 months now, and I still feel self conscious about them. Just last night, I went out to a dance party and was being all pouty about having braces, but then I thought about it, and was like- who cares? Why am I letting my braces keep me from having a good time? We only have to have them on for a short while, and in the end, it will all be worth it!!

  5. Hi Nikki, I don't really mind mine too much most of the time, I think it was partly just cos I was out with other girls and I feel like they all look prettier than me! Also I already look pretty young for my age, and I feel like braces make me look even younger. Just at the time in my life when I'm trying to be grown up as I venture out of university into the world of work, I feel like I look like a 15 year old! But I don't regret it at all, it's definitely worth it for what I'll get at the end. When I think of what I'm getting out of all this, braces are a very small price to pay!