Sunday, 8 April 2012

13 months of braces...and a light at the end of the tunnel

Hello bloggers, it's been almost 52 weeks, i.e. a calendar year, since I got my braces on. I can't work out if it's gone fast or slow, but I know for sure that I am getting sick of having braces. I really feel like I'm starting to lose my patience with it now. Grr. Anyway, I've put some pictures below, but to me they look similar to the last ones yet again.

I went to my ortho last week, she put some power chain elastic stuff around my top teeth to close the gap that had formed between my two front teeth, and wrapped some wire in figures of 8 around my bottom teeth brackets, and just did the usual wire changing stuff. Anyway, to more exciting news...she said that next time I go in (which isn't until 23rd May which is aaaaaaages away) she's going to do some moulds of my teeth to see if they're ready for surgery! If they are (which I'm praying they will be), then we'll make an appointment for me to talk to the surgeon again (this will be the third time I've spoken to him), and then book a surgery date!!! The thought of this makes me very excited but also ever so slightly terrified! But anyway, lets hope the moulds reveal that my teeth are surgery ready!


  1. You must be so exited!! :) I havent even been on braces for 1 month and I cant wait to get them off!! argh.... Did the make your overbite bigger? thats what they are trying to do to mine :(

    Hara x

  2. Hi Hara, I am very excited! I'm just getting so impatient now! Yeah they did make my overbite bigger but I haven't really noticed it, so it's not like your bite looks worse than when you first get your braces on.

  3. Congrats! The big day is approaching :)

    I'm still waiting to get my damned braces on, gah...