Sunday, 18 March 2012

1 year(ish) of braces

So, 14th March marked 48 weeks of having braces! Which technically means I've had my braces on for 12 months, but my actual calendar year brace-iversary isn't until 14th (I think) April. So anyway, I've had my braces on for kind of a year! Here are some pics, again probably not much change. I was meant to have an appointment tomorrow morning but it's been changed to 28th instead.


  1. Congrats!! My 1 year is this Friday...can you believe it's gone so fast?

  2. Thanks! I know, can't believe it's a year, hopefully soon we'll have our braces off and we'll be saying how quickly the whole process went!

  3. Happy Brace-iversary! I cant wait to have my braces... I'm still waiting!