Friday, 29 April 2011

2 weeks of braces

So, I've now had my braces on for 2 weeks and 2 days! Seems like much longer, they already feel like just a normal part of me! I've already got used to seeing myself with them on when I look in the mirror, and already I've decided that they don't really bother's only a bit of metal on my teeth! Who cares?! They're really not a big deal!

Eating is still a bit annoying for me. I tried to eat a panini today, forgetting about the braces, and then had to ask the man in Costa for a fork cos I had to cut it up :( I also had to cut up a plum earlier. My teeth don't really hurt, just feel a bit sort of sore and tender, like if I bit into something they would all snap!

I've not really seen many people I know since I've had them on cos I'm on my easter holidays from uni, so I'm yet to see the reaction of my friends, but to be honest I doubt anybody will really care much.

For any girls wondering what boys think of braces, I had a date the other day, and he didn't seem to mind at all! He'd met me without braces so it must've been a bit of a shock when he met up with old metal mouth here! I brought it up during the date cos I kind of felt like it was the elephant in the room and I would feel more comfortable if I just said about it, but the weird thing was he knew exactly what I was talking about with the surger cos he'd been offered it too! At first I thought he was just being one of those annoying people who goes 'oh I've got an overbite too', when they've got the normal 1 or 2mm overbite that everyone has, but when he said 'you're class 2 right?' I realised he knew what he was talking about! It's weird cos I spend my whole life looking at people's jaws, and I never even noticed it on him. He'd had braces and declined the surgery, but to be honest I didn't think his was anywhere near as bad as mine. He was kind of annoying me though cos I was telling him how I got my problems from sucking my thumb, which is what the orthodontist and surgeon have both told me, and he kept saying that it couldn't happen like that and that it was definitely genetic! It was so annoying, he was acting like he knew more about it than me, and believe me, I'm an expert! haha! If it's genetic, then why doesn't anybody else in my family have it?! Cos it isn't! I know it can be genetic, but with me I know for sure it was my thumb sucking! Anyway, the braces didn't put him off going in for a kiss, so at least I know boys aren't completely repulsed by them, and that I can still kiss with them on! haha! I know this probably shouldn't be one of my biggest concerns, but one of the reasons I'm worried about numbness is cos I think it'll stop me being able to kiss properly! I really shouln't be worrying about that I suppose...but I do! haha! Anyway, this boy's been a bit on and off since then, but I really don't think it was cos of the braces, I'd rather attribute it to the general crapness of men and my general bad luck with them! Sorry for the essay about my love life!

I measured my overbite today and I think it's about 8mm. My ortho said it would get bigger, so hopefully using my trusty method of biting into a piece of paper and measuring the distance with a ruler on the paper, I should be able to see if their are any changes.

Anyway, here's some pics of my teeth after 2 weeks of braces. They probably don't look that different, but I can already feel that one of my canines which was kind of behind my front four teeth is starting to be pulled out in line with the others, so that's good.

You can see on the pic below the canine that's behind the front four teeth. It's the one on the left of this pic.

This tooth that my ortho didn't put a bracket on is really annoying me, cos all the others are straigtening up, and that one's all out of place! I hope she puts a bracket on it or does something with it next time I go!

Thought I'd put this pic in of me closing my lips together. You can see from the dimples on my chin how much of a strain this puts on my muscles to do this.


  1. I sucked my finger for YEARS, so I think that had a lot to do with it. I am not sure how much it affected my bottom jaw from growing, but I do know a lot of my issues stem from that. I sucked my finger until grade 3!

  2. I sucked my thumb until I was 11 and the dentist told me that if I wanted braces I had to stop sucking my thumb. It was so hard to stop! I suppose cos your bones are still so malleable when you're a child, that any pressure can actually change the way it grows, so I think with me I leant on my thumb so much when I sucked it that I pushed my bottom jaw back and pulled my top jaw kind of out and down, which is why I have the gummy smile. The roof of my mouth is also really high up, and I think it's from constantly having a thumb pushed against it all through my childhood! I'm never letting my kids suck their thumbs when I have them!

  3. Hey Sarah! Do you have an open bite? Your chin strain looks identical to mine and thats because I have an open bite and a recessed chin.. My lips don't close properly over my bite! so annoying hey!

    I also sucked my thumb till about 10yrs. I actually got a plate to stop me sucking which worked, but my teeth and jaw were already out of alignment. Definitely a genetic factor in my case :(

  4. Hi Rhianna, no I don't have an open bite, just an overjet/overbite, but that gives me the effect of the recessed chin. I can get my lips to close over my teeth but it takes effort and I think I look a bit weird when I do it!