Saturday, 12 March 2011

Stupid dentist!!!

Aah I'm so annoyed! I was meant to be getting all my fillings sorted out at the dentist yesterday so that the orthodontist can get on with the braces, and my orthodontist sent him a letter saying that I've got decay under one of my fillings so he needs to sort that out before my braces. But when I was there, firstly, he didn't put fillings where I needed them regardless of the orthodontist's letter - he just put this stupid white stuff over the black dots on my teeth, but there are still black bits there, I think he must be blind!

Secondly, when I said about the letter he said he didn't know anything about it. He went to talk to the receptionists and they said they've got no record of it, so he told me to ring my ortho and then as soon as they get the letter I can make another appointment. But 1) this means I'm going to have to make another hour and a half journey back from uni to go, and 2) I'm worried it might set everything back, and that I won't get my braces on for even longer! He asked me if I knew which tooth it was, which obviously I didn't - I have more than one filling and he's the dentist not me!! And he said he didn't want to do any more x-rays to find out for himself for some reason.

So when I got home I rang the hospital. At first the woman said that they were 3 weeks behind with their typing, so I thought that would explain it. But then she rang me back and said that they had no record of the letter. And then she rang again later and said that it had gone out on 16th February, which is when I saw the orthodontist, and that it was a personally hand written letter from my ortho to my dentist. Personally I think it's just the dentists who have lost it!! So she said she'll ring the dentist and fax the letter to them. My mum's going to the dentist on Tuesday so she'll check that they've actually got it! I'm going to be so annoyed if this sets things even further back!


  1. There must be a huge difference between the American and the UK medical/dental systems, I have never heard of it taking so long just to get braces put on! I scheduled my appointment within a week of my consultation. It's crazy how much you have to run around just to get the braces put on. I'm sorry it has turned into such an ordeal for you.

  2. I guess it's because in America you pay for everything yourself out of insurance don't you? I don't think there's an equivalent of the UK's National Health Service is there? So I suppose if you're paying for stuff it happens a lot quicker, whereas I'm getting all this for free, so I expect it to take a long time and I'm just grateful that they're even paying for me to have it done! I think most people in the UK have this kind of waiting time. Most people here say that they get their braces on about a year after their first appointment.

  3. aww no!! I really feel your pain about how it all just seems to take such a long timeeee..
    also whats annoying is that the orthodontists don't seem concerned about that at all and just breezily say oh and your next appointment will be in about 6 months... not thinking what that might mean for you!! arghh
    hahaa, it will aall get going soon though, just keep thinking about the final results, it'll all be worth it:)x

  4. Wow, what a pain. Hope it gets sorted out soon!

  5. Tell me about it Rosa! haha! It's annoying cos I'm so grateful that they're doing it at all, but I can't help but get impatient when each appointment is months apart! But as you say, it will all be worth it in the end! Thank you Jen, me too!