Saturday, 24 November 2012

Surgery supplies - what I actually used

Before my surgery I did a post of all the things I bought, so I thought I'd do a list of all of them and say how much I actually used them:

Beaker: This came with a lid with a little spout.  I did use it with the lid for the first couple of days, but to be honest I found it pretty easy to drink from a cup normally from quite early on.  I still use the beaker now though because it has measurements on and is very handy for making Ready Brek and Complan!

Coccyx cushion: I have not used this once.  I didn't feel the need for it in the first few days and then after that I just kind of forgot about it.  Bit of a waste of money but oh well.

Complan:  Complan drinks have been a saviour.  They're a good quick way to get calories in, and seeing as I'm still underweight I'm still drinking them.  It saves the hassle of taking bands off.  The chocolate ones are delicious.

Tissues:  I got through a lot of tissues, and still use quite a lot now.  I don't know whether it's just the weather here, or maybe I've got a bit of a cold, but I've found that my nose has been quite runny since surgery.

Cotton buds:  I didn't really use these for anything surgery related.

Facewipes:  Didn't use these any more than I normally do.

Lip balm:  I have used this, and there's been a couple of times when I've had sore/dry/cut lips, but I haven't been really reliant on it like I know some people are after surgery.

Children's toothbrush:  I'm still using this now as I can't fit my normal toothbrush in my mouth.

Baby spoons:  Still using these now.  I can use a knife and fork but when it comes to something that needs a  spoon, a baby spoon is the easiest option.  I can eat off of a teaspoon, but a baby spoon is easier because it doesn't dip in the middle.

Nasal decongestant spray:  Haven't used this at all, just didn't feel the need, I never really had a clogged up nose.

'Healthy water':  I got these in a health food shop, and while I'm sure they did good, they didn't taste very nice, and I found it hard to force myself to drink them.

Baby food:  I couldn't bring myself to eat this, and seeing as I was eating fairly solid things within a couple of days, I didn't feel the need.

Spirulina protein powder:  I tried to use this but it was just too disgusting.  If you put it in your drink it just turned the whole thing into green sludge, and I couldn't bring myself to ruin my food with it.

Arnica gel:  I put this on each night, and intend to do so until it runs out.  You're meant to put it on up to 4 times a day, but because it kind of dries on your face like a face mask you have to clean it off each time, so I've just put it on at night and taken it off in the morning.  I don't know whether it's really helped or not, the swelling may have gone down at the same rate without it, so I can't really say how effective it's been.

Neck cushion:  I used this in the early post-surgery days but haven't used it much since then.

Cylindrical cushion:  I used this to put under my pillows when I could start to lay down a bit more, but don't use it now.

Bed wedge:  I'd say this is probably the best thing I bought for surgery.  It was so useful during the first couple of weeks when I was sleeping sitting up, and after that I still used it just for sitting up in bed.  I'll continue to use it now just because it's more comfortable than propping up on pillows, although I do feel like a bit of granny having my back support in bed!!

On a different note, I've been thinking about when I should start posting less often.  I was thinking about stopping my daily posts at 6 weeks, and when I realised I forgot to take photos yesterday, that kind of made the decision for me.  Also I'm moving out of my parents' house soon so I won't have my mum to take photos.  So from now on I think I'll just take photos each week for a while, and then maybe each month once I feel I'm not having many changes.  I'll still post to report on hospital appointments and any other exciting jaw events though!

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